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The chakras develop from the root to the crown, one colour spiralling into another. We have now arrived at yellow, the solar plexus chakra. But movement isn't only one way within this system. For example, we’ve seen how we can slip back to the energy of a lower chakra in times of stress. Also, at every second chakra issues seem to get resolved that arose two chakras previous. Thus, the solar plexus chakra, situated just above the bellybutton and under the breast bone, completes the root or base chakra.

The solar plexus chakra is where you leave the survival instinct and come into your own power. No longer seeking mere survival, it now looks towards more complex demands; status, ego, personal fulfilment. It now seeks power.

This is the sun chakra. Often thought to be primarily masculine, this is not strictly the case. I think it’s more accurate to say that it brings balance between the feminine and masculine, or the Yin and Yang. To the left of the solar plexus chakra resides the ‘feminine’ power centre, while the ‘masculine’ is strongest to the right. This is your point of power. It is the axial point, literally the middle of the body. In Tai Chi and Qi Gong they call this the Hara.

Balance in the solar plexus chakra can lead to a successful, affluent person. She is generally confident, self-assured, well balanced in all areas of her life; work, family, hobby, relationship, money, and so on. This is the chakra of independence. It is also the money centre, but not in the sense of survival anymore, nor even money as a means of ‘filling’ us. Here money is power. It is at this chakra that people get rich, or falter! If we have issues around money, we think it’s scarce, or that it’s not ‘spiritual’ to have money, then these will show at the solar plexus chakra.

The need to control those around us is a big affair at this chakra. Our relationships will reflect how well balanced we are. This can also be the point of manipulation and force. Sex is frequently used as a controlling force here.


The solar plexus chakra is also the location of the adrenalin glands. The fight or flight centres. We need to be on high alert if there is genuine danger around, but most people live on emotional energy, feeding into all the dramas in their lives, most of which they’ve created themselves. Ulcers are common here, along with glandular ailments. This is also where we protect ourselves, hence many of us persist in keeping a ‘spare tyre’ or extra few layers of fat around this area. Even with regular exercise and good diet we wonder why we can’t lose it! In ancient times when knights fought duels the midriff was a vulnerable area. Today we still unconsciously protect ourselves here, but usually with extra layers of fat!

Fear factor

We all hold a lot of fear at this point. This can be a culmination of fears brought up from the first two chakras. For example, unresolved issues around survival, unconscious fear of death, of falling, of failure, of being made to look stupid can now resurface in the solar plexus chakra, where they’re played out in a more aggressive manner. Confidence turned to arrogance becomes greed, an excessive ‘swallowing up’, redolent of a lack of any balance. Disappointment can surface here too. If power is sought and not fulfilled, regression to the second chakra, seeking fulfilment in satiating the appetites, may occur. This is a way of numbing ones sense of failure and frustration.

Fear can be felt in a strong physical way here when we get ‘butterflies in the stomach’. Ever wished the ground would open up and swallow you? Aggression and violence are also expressions of disguised fear.

The solar plexus chakra completes the first three chakras, collectively known as the kundalini. It is the chakra of the warrior. In the modern world it can be the preserve of the millionaire, the self-made person, accomplished artisan. However, the third chakra is not solely about material gain. The fully developed ‘warrior’, as understood by the Toltec peoples was not interested in accruing wealth at all, but saw power as gaining mastery over himself. Also some Yogis believe that our real power resides at the bottom of the spine, where it lies dormant until awakened, a process known as ‘opening’ the kundalini.


  1. Do you see your wealth, your job, as in extension of yourself?
  2. What insecurities are you aware of currently in your life?
  3. How do you get a ‘fix’ every day?

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