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the rainbow inside your body

As we rise to the throat chakra the colour changes to blue. Here we encounter communication, both verbal and non verbal. This is the colour of peace, calm, the collected mind.

When we speak we announce our arrival, don’t we? It is at the throat chakra we give vocal expression to the content of our mind, and let people know who we really are. Therefore, it goes without saying that speaking truthfully and communicating clearly are of utter importance. Communication is how we negotiate.

Speaking presents many interesting and complex challenges. For example, finding congruency between conscious and unconscious thoughts, whether our words heal or hurt, setting our boundaries, and respecting others’. Also how much we gossip (and we all do!), and if this involves triangulation (speaking of absent third parties).

Important too is the ability to speak up for ourselves when it might be easier to say nothing. Conversely, the ability not to speak when it’s prudent to remain silent. In a very specific way the throat chakra is concerned with delivering our own unique message. Using words in a non violent way. Much of today’s discourse is rooted in violence.

Everyone has some kind of speech challenge (because everyone communicates, however poorly). Be mindful of the words you use (or don’t for that matter), their tone, inflection. Are you gushing to tell a juicy bit of gossip? Do you cut across someone else in a hurry to be heard? Do you engage in trumping another’s story with a better one of your own?

Or do you hold back, use silence as a weapon?

And speech is not confined to the voice. What is the rest of your body doing while you’re talking? What is your foot saying while your lips are moving? Our speech says a lot about us, how available we are to others, how present we are with ourselves.

‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue’, Prov. 18:21.


Issues at the throat chakra can vary from ailments of the larynx, sore throats, etc., to speech impediments, all the way to life-threatening diseases such as throat cancer. Why do you catch a cold? What are you holding in? Do you criticise yourself regularly? When you speak do you allow yourself enough air to breathe? Most people don’t!

Fear factor

Fear at the throat chakra manifests as a kind of choking, not being able to get words out. Remember a time you were in an interview, or as a child up before the headmaster? It feels as if someone or something is strangling us from within. It’s quite staggering that the biggest fear people admit to is speaking in public. What is it about this issue that brings up all our stuff?

The voice is the point where we make the interior exterior, where we ‘reveal’ who we are. Let’s face it, pretty much everybody hides something. Of course I don’t mean you give out your bank account to everyone. By hiding, I mean the things we hide unconsciously.

What we attempt to hide we invariably betray. We may betray our ‘secret’ at any of the chakras, but we are most vulnerable at the fifth. Everything comes out in the throat chakra.

Have you ever heard Maharaji (Prem Rawat) speak? Maharaji hides nothing. His voice is like a crystal stream cascading down the side of a mountain. If you’ve never heard him speak do yourself a favour and go to one of his events. Not only to hear that amazing voice, but of course to experience his great wisdom.

Completion of the power centre takes place at the throat chakra. Survival issues, going right back to the root chakra, can still be detected in the throat chakra. Ever notice someone struggling to be heard? There is often a panic in their voice, like if they’re not heard they will die. If we strain to gain control over ourselves or others constriction can occur in the vocal cords. We are literally ‘straining to speak’.

Most speech is unconscious.


  1. In the conversations you've had today, what part of yourself did you hide?
  2. What part did you reveal?
  3. What person with great fluency of words and speech do you admire most?

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There is a voice that doesn’t use words - listen!


Reality is merely an illusion - albeit a persistent one.

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