heart awakening

An airplane defies gravity while still obeying the laws of physics, and with subtle orientation and correct guidance arrives at its destination.

 As do you.

The sun rises each morning and travels across the firmament. Obstacles may appear to block its light, to obscure its view, cloud its luminescence. But it shines as brightly nonetheless.

As do you.

History moves in great tidal waves, events come and go. Great rulers appear on stage and depart on cue. Tremulous fear rocks the earth for a while, but calm always returns. One era fades into another, but destiny prevails

As do your dreams.

When the dawn awakens it looks on all with compassion, the miserable and the content, the prisoner and the councillor.

The awake you will too.

Music is the strain that binds all together. It has magic and healing in it and truly can it sooth that wild cry. Although unseen and untouched its power is of note and felt widely and deeply.

As is the love you care to give.

A mountain just sits waiting. Not for anything; just waiting. It simply breathes and knows that it is free.

Do you?

The thinker is not really there, not anywhere. You are the dawn of compassion, the mountain of stillness and the music that reaches all souls. When you realise this then it’s safe to put the thinker aside.

This is called peace.


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There is a voice that doesn’t use words - listen!


Reality is merely an illusion - albeit a persistent one.

Albert Einstein