Quantum Reiki

Reiki is quantum in nature, by that I mean it works with energy at the subatomic level. Each person has a natural ‘life force’ which regulates the autonomic functions of the body, that is beats your heart, regulates your blood levels, endocrine system, and so on.

This energy enters the body through the top of the head, or the crown chakra and exits through the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, cleansing the system as it does.

Have you ever noticed that if you get a pain or injure some part of your body you automatically put your hand on that area? Instinctively you do it.

When you do this tiny rays of light (or photons) pour out of your hands and onto the spot where you felt the pain or injury. It’s an automatic reflex, and proof that the body knows how to heal itself, even if we don’t!

Reiki works just as effectively on animals as on humans; indeed tired and jaded plants have been known to bloom when given it. Also people in a coma have benefited from Reiki, therefore no conscious awareness of it is strictly necessary. Nor is a ‘belief’ in it, contrary to popular opinion, really necessary. Likewise it cannot be explained away by the placebo effect.

Energy is not dependent on time or any other circumstance and works instantly. Time, by the way, is something we construct with the mind in order to negotiate our way around things. Since everything ‘happens’ simultaneously we would not be able to experience difference if we had not the concept of time. But it is only a concept and not a reality as such.

Einstein famously said: "the only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once". 

I know this is something we tend to forget as we go about our busy lives.

The intake of Reiki energy operates below conscious thought. This is how no belief in it is required. Because of this it can bypass the normal workings of the brain and our habitual resistance. Thus it can affect and alter our DNA. Since it is quantum in nature, and because it enters the body at such a high frequency, Reiki will sometimes overwrite a negative pattern or destructive mental script. This happened to me when my addiction to nicotine fell away. I had made a quantum shift in my brain, to someplace, I don’t know where, a place where I didn’t need to smoke again, or possibly never had.

Why do people get sick?

People manifest illnesses for a variety of different reasons, and healing can happen at so many levels. Some say it’s to do with karma, I’m not so sure. Do we diagnose a sick infant as having really bad karma? Don’t think so.

The word 'healing', along with 'wholeness', derives from the same root as holistic. Therefore, healing could be said to be that which reunites us with a sense of Oneness, and with our Source. However, we have a tendency to think of it as ‘fixing’ something. This is only natural, when I get a pain I want it to go away like everyone else. But healing is something deeper, it’s not so much about correcting something, as realising a state that is natural, and is healthful.

How do we really heal?

A Course in Miracles explains the difference between ‘magic’ and a ‘miracle’. Magic, it says is what we do when we try to ‘fix’ things; the modern practice of medicine (while good) could be said to be one such example. A miracle, on the other hand, is really a change of mind, it is understanding that there is nothing to fix.

This is our natural state. It is the disease or sickness that is the unnatural, the extraneous bit.

If we can surrender to a power that’s deep within us, a higher power if you like, and let it do the work, let it awaken us, then change can be effortless. This power is with everyone, there is not one of you reading this that cannot tap into this power right now, if you so wish. That’s because the energy, the substance you’re made of, is this power. The only thing that is preventing anyone from accessing it is their mind. It is the mind and what’s in it that stops you from achieving what you want right now. Reiki is one way around this. That’s why it’s never about correct hand positions, or saying mantras, or fasting, or any of that stuff; it’s about getting the mind out of the way.

That’s all you need to do to heal, and transform your life.

Get your mind out of the way!

In this Reiki series we covered:

The healing power of Reiki.

My personal journey.

The history of Reiki.

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Reality is merely an illusion - albeit a persistent one.

Albert Einstein