What is the World?

Okay. So what is the world? A collection of all our past experiences, everything we’ve learned, observed, absorbed, projected out onto some cosmic plasma? We populate it with ghosts and dramas that do not exist, then we use these ghosts and dramas to inform us who we are, to limit our world, and set a march on our joy.


We can be such children.


What does the world feel like? Does it have a taste, a smell, a texture? Is it heavy, or light? For some it is. Does it welcome you gladly with open arms, or is it unforgiving? To many the world is a bitter place and they are met daily with much sadness and pain.  To others it is an approving place, a place for merrymaking and even transient fun.


Sometimes it’s full of our past. A fictional history whispering like the murmuring of innumerable bees. The past is a kind of echo, coming back to us over the cannons, insubstantial, a disembodied voice.


I am that which never was coming to say hello.


The world wants us to believe in this dead past, and that our future can only be found in memories, stale and mouldy.  


When we look into the past it is like looking into a mirror. A mirror can only reflect what you put before it. The figures looking back may seem real, they look, move, and behave exactly like real people; but they are hollow, they are ghosts.


Everything exists in the mind. And the mind is not your brain. Mind is everywhere and everything. It can be your enemy or your ally. This depends how you choose to approach it.


Regularly ask yourself ‘where is my mind?’ Wherever it is that is where you are. And where you are located is your point of power. If your mind is spread over a multitude of things then so is your power. You are not truly present if your awareness is spread too thin. This often comes about by not paying attention.


It can also arise because we’re busy. We’ve always been taught we must be busy, we need to get the job done. But this is another deception.


There is no doer, there is only doing.

There is no thinker, there is only thinking.

There is hater, there is only hatred.

When viewed as a safe place the world can be your friend and comforter. But seen as unfriendly, or fearful, it will become full of phantoms and demons. These only exist because you put them there. Everything that’s there you put it there.


Life will always be the answer you expected it to be.


My second all time favourite quotation comes from scientist John Wheeler and goes

“There is no out there, out there”.

Kinda says it all.


(My No.1 now that I’ve piqued your interest happens to be Einstein’s famous words “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”).


So everything you think is out there is really a part of your mind. But it doesn’t go away easily. Be patient. You are a child of God and beloved always. With this thought in your mind you can overcome the world, not by battle, but by realising the true nature of things.


The world is an outpicturing of your thoughts, but you are not your thoughts. Get into the habit of being aware of your thoughts. Know what they are and where they are taking you. Tread softly. You are very special indeed.


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There is a voice that doesn’t use words - listen!


Reality is merely an illusion - albeit a persistent one.

Albert Einstein