the CONSCIOUSNESS series#9

Remember Love

Pure consciousness, pure awareness, in order to experience itself as separate, required that it enter the world of form, which for convenience sake we called the ego-mind. Then came the great amnesia. The great purpose of our time, and the reason you were selected to be in it now, is to break this amnesia. Your mission is to remember.

All around you are the clues. They are in the street protests, the threats of global economic disaster, the young people camping outside cathedrals and banks demanding change. This is consciousness calling to you. These are signs in the fabric of awareness that you, not the world, need to change, to be transformed, to go home. It was never about the world. That’s another red herring.

Have you noticed a parallel between what’s happening in the world out there (the global economy) and your own situation? If you’ve been paying close attention you have, because all the turmoil taking place in the world right now is really a reflection of the turmoil inside.

Heal that, I say, and the world will be healed too.

The battle you have is not with the ego-mind. In fact you don’t have any battle at all. The only thing in your mind is peace. The mind of God is filled with peace, as is yours. We just need to put aside the noise in order to hear that peace.

When we talk about awakening or higher consciousness we’re really talking about remembering. The reason I created this series (and indeed this website) is because there’s so much being said today about this subject. And some of it is good, but much is confusing. I write to simplify things, I write to remember.

The end of the ego-mind

Now the ego-mind is not evil, it’s not anything bad. We must be really clear on this. When we see evil our first and natural impulse is to oppose it, to eradicate it. This creates the illusion of good and evil, the ultimate duality. The ego-mind is just a decision you made.

For example: You live in a beautiful mansion but at any given moment you can only be in one room. So to appreciate the entirety requires that you step outside, go into the garden or across the street or wherever so you can get an overall perspective.

The ego-mind is the same. It is simply a different perspective. It is where you choose to view you as separate from Source. Therefore, when I say we ‘enter the ego-mind’, ‘or enter the world of form’, I use this as illustration, we cannot enter anything. The mind simply adopts a different perspective.

This is why I love the story of the prodigal son. It’s not really about sin and profligacy at all, you know. It’s a story about remembering. The son has to step outside of himself to see who he is, what he is. He has to go away in order to return. Then, when he remembers his father (the Source) he returns home again. Where else is there to go? The Father is always a cipher for our Ultimate Source, All Encompassing Love. Don’t mistake this for the flesh and blood kind.

Awakening is a matter of perspective

Whatever you train your focus on that is what you experience. If it’s on bliss, then you experience bliss in that moment. If it’s sadness, then sadness. But the essential you behind that train of focus remains unchanged. Let’s say you’re sitting in a park surrounded by beautiful roses. But your eyes are closed so you’re oblivious of the beauty and aware only of darkness. This is now your experience. Change your perspective – open your eyes – and you experience the beauty instead.

It’s like you went away except you never went anywhere.

You are awareness experiencing itself as itself and as you.

To remember is to choose only the good memories of things; this can be of other people, of yourself, of what happened in your life. Make these the object of your focus.

To remember is to know you are totally loved, loving, and loveable; that you are protected and surrounded by indescribable peace. It is to know you have never left because there is no where to go.

To remember is to know that there is no ego-mind, that there is no separation, and ultimately, that there is nothing outside of you.

You are now ready to go home.

Next time we summarise and complete the consciousness series.

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