Finding Your Purpose In Life


Is finding your purpose in life important to you?  Many people go through life without ever discovering that one special thing they came into this world to do. They die without realising God’s intention for them, and I always think that’s a little sad.


There is so much talk on the internet today about manifesting your dreams, achieving life-long goals and riches, but precious little about finding your purpose in life. Which, to me, is what we should be looking for.


So, how do you go about starting, or have you even given it any thought?


Start at the beginning! with a list

  • Begin by making a list of what you’d really love to do, what you would do if you had all the time and money and freedom you could dream of: Travel the world, set up your own dance studio, create a fund to help homeless or abused children find safe homes (one of mine), learn Japanese. Fill in the blanks.

  • Now make a second list, this time of those small (or big) successes you’ve had. Don’t just go for the obvious ones, like career or academic achievements. Search out the lesser recorded successes, the hits that were uniquely yours: It could be spotting a woodpecker that evening in June, learning to ski, scoring with the best looking bloke or girl when you were seventeen and making all your friends envious. Let loose your imagination.


  • Now think beyond yourself. Think community? What special skill or talent have you got that could be of service to others? When we start thinking beyond ourselves, when we incorporate the needs and concerns of others we are often propelled by a powerful altruistic drive to finding our purpose in life. Think outside the box.


  • Ask what’s lacking. Look around the area you live in and see if there are facilities or services it could do with, and then ask yourself would you be able to provide that facility or service? It may mean moving out of your comfort zone a little, even having to borrow some start-up cash, but focus only on the benefits. Who knows, it could even be quite lucrative.


  • Or, think what creative gift have you got, or special thing you're good at: maybe playing an instrument, telling jokes, doing facial sketches. Does your purpose lie in any of these?


  • By far the best way of finding your purpose in life is to hand it over to a Higher Power, and trust that it will come about. I really like this method because when we work with our divine nature we are always sure to find an answer. In the meantime act as if you’ve already found it. That way you cloak yourself in the embodiment of your purpose, it’s like you’re living it. 


  • What is it you think about a lot? Remember whatever you dwell on is an indicator of where your energies are. If something's a problem for you then very likely it's a problem for others too, and you may have the solution. Or if it’s something you just day-dream about, then, hey presto, that could be what you’re looking for.


Never doubt for a single moment you will find it

Our purpose is always there just waiting for us to find it. But very often we seek to hide it from ourselves. We lie to ourselves and pretend you don’t know what it is. That is how we remain in ignorance, and how we self-sabotage.


We talked about doubt in a recent post. All doubt is really belief subverted. A belief that we may not succeed. It’s a judgment against ourselves. Don’t let it get in the way of finding your purpose in life. Cast it aside and trust that your Higher Self will show you the way.


The reasons why people don’t find their purpose can be legion: we get distracted, we get scared, we talk ourselves out of it. We don’t look. But by doing so we are missing the fulcrum upon which life itself turns.


Finding your purpose in life should be the most precious thing any of us can do. Because only by doing this will we know true contentment. It is only by fulfilling the meaning God has for us in the world that we will find deep lasting peace. Yet too often we chase after the quick successes we think will give us joy but which often leave us feeling hollow.


When you do find your purpose you may discover that you need some training or extra qualifications. Don’t let this daunt you. Go ahead and get them. Take that course, go back to college if needs be, do what it takes to nurture and fulfil your new-found purpose.  When I wanted to set up an internet business I knew nothing about internet marketing or html. In fact the whole thing scared me. But I took the steps necessary to achieve my dream and now I’m very successful. More importantly I’m not scared any more.


There’s a lot of nonsense written today on the internet and elsewhere about manifesting which you could do well to ignore. Instead focus every day on finding your purpose in life. Speak directly to the highest part of you, which is love.


Say,  “loving spirit, you created me for a purpose. Heal my life. Remove all the obstacles in my mind that stop me from finding my true calling. Show me what my purpose is and how to achieve it.”

Rest assured it will appear.

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There is a voice that doesn’t use words - listen!


Reality is merely an illusion - albeit a persistent one.

Albert Einstein