LOA: do we attract, or do we create ?

In recent posts we talked about responses and the law of attraction. Today I am going to finish off on this topic, looking at a more serious aspect of it. Law of attraction doctrine teaches that what we think about today we will manifest tomorrow, and that the universe will return to us that which we send out. Ok. So what about the child of eight years who is raped by someone she trusts. Did she attract this assault? The law of attraction certainly implies that she did. There’s no way we can sidestep this. If our physical reality is merely the vibratory match of our thoughts then the girl was having some serious thoughts of rape or harm.

I don’t think that’s true.

Maybe she had low self esteem, as have hundreds of other kids but they don’t go on to manifest being brutally raped. In fact people with really miserable childhoods often turn out very well. How can a child ‘attract’ something like this? To say so is surely to despoil the innocence of youth all over again. We need a more compassionate theory of reality than the ‘you get what you think about’ which law of attraction as it’s presently construed provides.

The world we see around us may well indeed be a projection of our thoughts, but here’s another thing, what if someone is sick or in serious pain, each day when they wake up their thoughts turn to their illness, to their particular condition. It’s pretty nigh impossible not to since they’re in it, and it’s unfair and even cruel to imply that they brought it on themselves. Even though pain isn’t actually something real in itself, to the person feeling it it damn well is, and the thought I brought this on me, that I manifested it somehow, or, knowing all about the loa that I should be able to rid myself of it, only adds to the anxiety and creates a sense of inadequacy, even shame in the mind.

I say don’t let anyone bully you into feeling it’s your fault if you’re not well. There is a time and a place for healing, of course, but don’t make this a pressure. It’s ok to complain and feel miserable if you’re in pain. Really it’s acknowledging what is, that’s all. And when we do that then we can – when we’re ready – move on.

Let’s take another example. Suppose you’re thinking about cancer all day long and surround yourself with reminders of it You frequently look at graphic images of tumours and listen to people's stories of getting cancer, then aren’t you a prime target for the big C yourself? Well, that’s exactly what hundreds of doctors and nurses in cancer hospitals do on a daily basis! Now according to loa the rate of cancer ought to be higher than average among this group, but there is no evidence for this at all.

In any event, the ‘you get what you think about’ version is, strictly speaking, not always true. And what a blessing that can be! How many times have you lost a whole night’s sleep worrying about something only to find that it never happens!

It is time for a reappraisal.

a prospective from wisdom

Dattatreya Siva Baba turns this whole thing around when he asks, ‘do you attract or do you create?’

This question comes from wisdom. And it makes a vital difference. Because if you attract stuff in, that means you have supposed what you want is outside you. Siva Baba says no, nothing is outside you, even the furniture in your house is part of you.

Kind of puts the loa in its place, doesn’t it? For if everything is part of us, how then can we ‘attract’ or draw something to us?

And the stuff you didn’t want.

Well, just say, ‘I did not deliberately create this, but I’m not making it wrong that it happened in this life that I call mine. I acknowledge that I showed up for this event to happen. Something in me must have needed to experience it, or to witness it. Or perhaps I took a wrong turn and so this thing that wasn’t supposed to happen did. In any case I’m here. And because I am I take full acceptance of that. When we make something wrong we give it energy and thus inadvertently create more of it. Now say, I forgive that thing for happening in me, and I now choose the correct way. I may never understand what the reason is, and the reason may not be important.

This is taking responsibility for what happened (or your memory of it), and understanding that there is no need to feel a victim as at a deeper level the thing never happened. From this point letting go of it becomes natural. This is macro responsibility. It is acknowledging the truth of the situation, without blame, without trying to find reasons even.

When we fail to do this we continue to carry with us the personal hurt from the remembered wrong. So, while everyone else has moved on and got on with their lives who is the one still suffering? You. Forgiveness is never about morality or doing the right thing. It’s about clearing stuff in you that is stymieing you in some way, and which is not even real to begin with.

The law of attraction is an idea, simply an idea, that’s all. It may be a good idea and it may be useful. But it can also be a dangerous idea. Project your mind twenty years down the road when the Houses of Congress and parliaments around the world are debating a bill call the Law of Attraction. And it will happen! Today’s ideas are tomorrow’s norms. Health insurance may become a thing of the past as people are told they brought sickness on themselves (it’s happening already with smokers!)

‘You were obviously thinking the wrong thoughts Mr. Jones, when you attracted that illness. You are vibrating at the wrong frequency, you surely don’t expect us to pay up now do you?’

At the end of the day you decide if you’re going to buy into that idea. You are what’s important, not some idea, or not some idea that you have about yourself.

What you believe about yourself always becomes your reality.

But then, in a strange, weird, and ironic way that's what loa teaches, isn’t it?

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Reality is merely an illusion - albeit a persistent one.

Albert Einstein