Have you been conned by the law of attraction ?

In this post and the next one I’m going to look at a topic that holds huge currency at the moment, manifesting and the law of attraction.

First of all I don’t have any gripe against the law of attraction per se, as some of you think! I just feel it’s a roundabout way of saying something else. Loa theory basically states that all the thoughts you’re thinking, plus the feelings you’re adding to them (emotion) are creating a vibration and sending this out to the universe. The universe picks up this signal and sends it back to you in kind. In other words if your thoughts and feelings were of low frequency it will send you back a shitty life. Change your thoughts, you raise your vibration, the universe picks up this new signal and gives you a better life. Simple!

Ok. I don’t have a problem with this as such, it’s just a roundabout way of explaining mindset. I talked about this before in
There is no Law of Attraction, and I emphasised in that article, and further in my book, Birthing the New Consciousness not to be frightened by your thoughts. And I want to say that here again because I feel it’s darn important. My thoughts can be as crazy as a coot, some days I have negative thoughts by the bucketful and still I attract so much good into my life at times I feel it’s unfair! So explain?

You see, LOA is not a law in the same way as gravity is or the second law of thermodynamics (entropy). If you drop a brick from the top of a building it will fall to the ground whether you believe it or not (and probably kill somebody in the process!)

Law of Attraction: Proof of Pud

Law of attraction has been part of the new age culture for a long time now, but has become very popular in the more recent past due to films like the Secret and What the Bleep. These works have done a great service in introducing the whole concept of creating your own reality to people who have never heard about it before. However, they also are partially responsible for muddled thinking on the subject. Surely the measure of anything’s success is the results it brings, and I think it’s fair to say most people have had very poor results from the law of attraction. A theory is of little value unless it is of practical use.

My take on this is a little different. Let me explain. If we have a belief or strong expectation about something then we will ‘make’ it come about. How? Well, if the desire is strong enough we’ll just go ahead and do it, even if it’s something outside our control, for example an item we can’t afford at the moment. We will think about it, work around it, save for it, talk to friends about it, until one day we orchestrate things in such a way that it shows up in our lives. I have seen this happen countless times. Now I know this is using your thoughts and feelings to create what you want, but it’s doing something more.

Law of attraction is really your mindset; what you hold to be true

When we have a particular frame of mind, set ideas about ourselves or the world, then we arrange things in our life to make them correspond to this. For example, age is a mindset. I’ve seen so many people when they reach the age of 30 start thinking they’re old, and then acting old. You know the way people start oohing and ahhing as they get out of a chair, and putting a hand to their hip, or screwing up their eyes slightly as if they’re thinking, ‘I’m sure I could feel a twinge there’. They’re only 35 forchristsakes! This is genuine. What is happening is that they see older people do that and they imitate them. Also they have the mindset that 30 is old. That’s how it works folks. It’s not the universe doing it to you. It’s you doing it to yourself!

Now the law of attraction would say they ‘vibrated’ at the rate of being old, and so the universe gave them creaky bones. But this is roundabout, circumlocutory thinking, and furthermore it’s actually wrong! They don’t have creaky bones, they only think they have creaky bones! Big difference!

If you convince yourself of anything that’s the reality you will see in your life. That will be your reality, but it doesn't mean it is objective reality. When we live below the bar of wakeful consciousness then we mimic society and those around us, and so we pick up these habits and get these undesired results. But the good news is if we choose to cultivate new habits we will get new results. I know this is the same thing as what loa teaches, but it avoids all the roundabout thinking. And it avoids the perennial loa fear ‘am I vibrating at the right frequency?'

Lord help us!

Now, since we’re all composed of energy particles it is true that we are vibrating. But it’s a very abstract concept. Our feelings are a good guide but they’re fickle. When something turns up that we didn’t expect (or want) our feelings take a dive. Then we start thinking we’re doing it wrong. The problem with ‘vibrations’ is that we can never really know how we’re vibrating. It has the slight whiff of the emperor’s new suit.

Or meaningless twaddle!

It’s like when people did incantations of old. If you didn’t get your wish it was because you didn’t say the incantation right, or use the right tone of voice, or say it at the right phase of the moon. It was never because the incantation was rubbish in the first place. I can see a similar pattern with law of attraction. It’s fuzzy thinking and I don’t like FT.

Attraction means to pull and you pull that to you that’s in your mind

Now “attraction” is something real. I can be attracted to something because I have unfinished business there. Ever get the feeling you have to go to a certain place, and when you do you meet someone, or something happens that confirms your original hunch? That’s your intuition, or gut feeling. It’s good to follow that.

By setting something up in your mind as a desired target you give it attraction, you give it pull. This is the real meaning of the term. So if you get clear on what your beliefs are, and your mindset, then you don't have to worry about what rate you’re vibrating at!

Next time we discuss a darker side to law of attraction.

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