Remote Healing

How to send non-local healing anywhere in the world

What is remote healing? It is a term referring to healing that you send to a person, or persons not physically present, also known as distant healing. There is no hands-on contact. It is intention really, intention of the very highest kind; it could be seen as a form of prayer.

Remote healing is not the same as wishing something to be different, or willing it to change. Wishing is an effete form of energy. It merely hopes for a different outcome while really not believing it can bring it about. Willing is the other end of the spectrum, it's like trying to force the issue. It has a pushy energy that is totally the opposite of intention. Intention is where we focus on what really is (which is love) and join with the Universal Mind to profess and recognise the perfection that is already there. It comes from the mind-set of
everything is perfect.

We look at a situation, say an illness in ourselves or in someone else, and know that it is not real, that there is a higher good than this which is coming into being.

How to do remote healing

There is no ‘proper’ way as such to do this. Just find a quiet spot, sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes and picture the person you want to send it to. You may see them bathed in a beautiful white or gold light. See this light permeating every cell of their body, if they have an illness see the light wash it away. Picture them as healthy, not sick. Do not concentrate on their illness. See them smiling and in great form. Ask that their highest good be done. Remember you are not fixing anything. As regards how long you should spend, there is no set time, five to ten minutes a day is fine. You can do longer if you wish.

It is good to send healing to troubled areas of the world, such as those struck by floods, earthquakes and such like. Also it is nice to send healing to the planet itself. Don’t think, ‘I wonder is this working’, just do it and then leave it. It is important to detach from the outcome, that is, don't go around with the person in your head all day, let them go. Let the healing do its own work. Trust. Try not to develop a sense of importance about yourself or what you're doing. Remember it's is not your power that heals, but God. You are simply the channel.

When you send remote healing be assured it will go to the person you are intending, but because nobody is outside the mind of God, it may go to others who need it too. Remote healing is totally non-invasive, the person will receive it when it is right for them to do so. You may send healing to someone today, and, if next week they are feeling a bit down they will receive it then. Indeed, if they were ill yesterday and you didn’t know this, they may have already received it. This is because energy goes where it is needed, at the time when it is needed. And because linear time as we know it doesn’t exist.

We are all energy

What appears as form is an illusion. Blow up any photograph and you will eventually end up with a mass of little dots, or pixels. It is the same with all matter, including humans. Expand anything far enough and you get to atoms and then beyond that to particles and electrons, subatomic particles, the tiniest building blocks of creation. The amazing thing is most of these particles are made up almost entirely of empty space. In a sense they don’t exist as 'things' at all, but as potential. Also when a particle splits no matter how far apart it goes from its other half it is still in communication with it, and what happens to one affects the other.

The most widely accepted authority on this today is the late David Bohm. Bohm challenged earlier theories that believed the reason particles remained in communication after they split was because they were able to send signals to each other. Instead he proved that they never separated in the first place. In a sense this explains how remote, or non-local healing works.

The moment you send an intention it arrives instantly, it doesn’t have to travel a long distance, find the target, and then do the healing work. Because at some very deep level there is no separation between you and the person you are sending it to. Energy doesn’t move in a straight line, or even a curved one, instead it bleeps in and out. At our tiniest, subatomic level we are all one inseparable Life Force. True, we appear as separate individuals to each other, but, like the photograph we're not quite what we seem.

Edgar Mitchell, the well known astronaut, is a great advocate of distant healing and has had many physical conditions treated this way, including a kidney irregularity. His preferred method is to work with a young boy who lives at a remote distance on the planet.

People think sickness and healing are bound by genetic factors, but we are influenced by the environment and other factors too.

Some false assumptions

In traditional healing we think of some person or thing acting upon the patient or the condition. For instance, a surgeon performing a by-pass operation or removing a tumour. And this mind-set has spilled over to complementary healing. We have been trained to think that the solution to our condition exists outside us. And doing so we sometimes invest inordinate power in the healer, be it traditional or complementary, even to the extent of developing a state of dependency.

Doctors today represent the archetypical figure of the healer. This is why people invest power in them as a group. However, that said, there are many people with the gift of healing who assist us to a better understanding of our condition and help it shift. They came to the planet to do this precious work. By all means work with them, but know you are the one who heals yourself, with the Source.

Some New Age people adopt the pose ‘physician heal thyself’, and a trendy anti-medical stance. This overlooks the fact that healing comes in many guises, in may be a Shaman, but it can also happen in hospitals, and other traditional settings.

Healers come in many forms. Respect every kind.

All healing then is really self-healing, and ultimately the result of a choice the person makes (at a higher consciousness than we normally operate from, of course). An illness may result from a thought that is withheld, a part of us we have not forgiven. When the person is ready to release this then they will heal.

Now it should also be recognised that sickness is not some kind of punishment visited on us for sins in a former life, or indeed in this one. I have a huge problem with the idea of karma in this whole area. Sickness can be a way of remembering God. Many people take on illness in their present incarnation so they can advance their soul’s journey. If my earth lesson is to learn inner stillness, but I’m too busy running around making ends meet to remember that, then I may manifest an illness. Now, being forced to lie in bed for weeks I get the chance to develop inner stillness.

Some even take on the suffering of others, of those unable to bear what they already have. This happens a lot with children who die young. In olden days there was a stigma around illness, and even today, despite the advances we trumpet, many people still make getting sick wrong. Unfortunately, this is particularly so with mental illness. 

To be distant is to be near

Remote healing is a form of prayer, but it is never a petition. It is more like an assertion or command to the universe that all is well, that all is as God created it, and that any seeming change to what is unchangeable will now be corrected, and perfection once more be revealed.

When we allow the universe to heal thorough us in this way we are giving without putting any of our own personal needs in it.

Remote healing is an allowing, letting the highest good for all concerned be the outcome of our endeavours.

May you always be well.

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Reality is merely an illusion - albeit a persistent one.

Albert Einstein