gifts of the spirit

Gifts of the spirit are the gifts that open portals to dimensions of ourselves that we didn’t know existed. They are gifts because they are not exclusively ours, but truly take on their significance when shared with others.

Sometimes trying to manifest stuff, the clarion call of the New Age Movement, only succeeds in demonstrating to us that which we don’t have.

The idea of the gift reverses that. It allows us to realise that the thing we want we already have, and what we have, we’ve been given by Love.

Each person has their own unique gift, although all are the same. That is, one individual will have one aspect of a gift while another will express a different one.

Gifts are not to be mistaken for things we accumulate.

Gifts are what we are, what we give, they are the means by which we express the universe through ourselves.

what are gifts of the spirit

Some people have the gift of voice. The sound recalls in the hearer the soul’s longing, it reminds him of ‘something’ in himself that he knows comes from the Origin of all things. It helps him to reconnect with it. Others have the gift of dance, of writing, or speaking. Oratory is a beautiful gift, which sadly seems to have been besmirched by modern cynicism. Music can evoke the transcendental in us.

Our gifts do not belong to us, as such, rather we participate in them. And so does everyone we encounter. The giver’s gift is useless without a receiver.

The artist who paints only for himself will not fully enjoy his gift.

It is when others see his work that the original idea and genius is spread, it reaches other minds, and is enfolded back to him in a whole new way.

Let me illustrate. When we stand in front of Michelangelo’s David we each get an impression of what it means to us. To me it represents youth, looking through uncertain eyes towards something greater than itself, and the physicality of the body, very present, sensual even. And, of course, those disproportionate hands. I see this as our innate power, literally the universe in our hands, of which, for the most time we are unaware.

Each person coming in contact with another’s gift will leave with part of that gift herself. In time, in a whole new way, it will become her gift. By that I mean she will bring her life history and everything in her own consciousness to it.

many worlds – many gifts

The gifts of the spirit appear in many guises. Sound is one. There is a gap between words where the real meaning comes through. It can be found in the cracks in the world, the spaces between sounds. Until we hear that we’re not really listening. I partially address this in encounterment (part of the Idea of God series.)

Encounterment is communication more than conversation, it is what happens in the spaces between the sounds.

Which of us hasn’t known a brilliant teacher who opened up a whole new world of knowledge in us? Teaching is a very sacred gift. As is healing. The amount of healing the world needs was probably never greater than at this moment. But I’m never down about what’s happening in the world today, because the more problems we seem to have, the more opportunity it gives for new healers to emerge.

Nurses and doctors work tirelessly every day for very long hours to aid the sick. Also there are so many new alternative healing practices coming on the scene now, again in response to perceived needs.

It is true that you can heal your life (to quote the wonderful Louise L. Hay).

And you can heal and teach others. These gifts are not confined to the few. The gift awakens in one, and then by this awakening, or by the person sharing it, it is spread to many.

We need something greater than ourselves to reach ourselves. If we try to do it by ourselves we get lost. It’s like asking the mind to fix itself. It cannot. The problem cannot be addressed from the thought system that created it (Einstein's wisdom which sadly has now become a cliche).

However, if you’re too much in awe of it you erect a barrier between you and it. Develop an easy relationship with this higher power. The only reason God can’t instantaneously transform your life is because you see him as God!!

gifts of the spirit - now over to you!

So what are your gifts? Take some time after reading this article and reflect on what you have created or brought to the world that has benefited all. It doesn’t have to be a David, but whatever it is it’s uniquely yours. The gifts of the spirit are very subtle and run very deep. They are the Universe’s way of expressing love for you, and through you.

And then let us know on contact us.

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