Neurons of Life

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We experience everything through the senses; what we see, feel, hear, touch, taste. The whole world is your impression of it being played out in your mind. Take for example an apple, there is a neuron in your brain that corresponds to apple. You formed this when you first learned about ‘apple’. What happens is that later we form other neurons around the original one. Example: red apples, green apples, sour apples, and so on.

As we acquire new information more and more diverse things get incorporated: New York (the Big Apple), Steve Jobs, dessert, the Beatles (yes), your doctor (remember what you’re supposed to take a day!), Orchard Road where your friend lives, your gran (think about it!), and of course the ubiquitous ‘bad apple’. These in turn will create other associations that link to pre-existing neurons, or create totally new ones. Eventually it includes all heart-shaped objects. These spread into metaphor and language; Snow White, it is very appealing, forbidden fruit, the weather is quite appalling, and a host of other stuff.

Love is neuronally association with apple. Why love?

Because of the heart-shaped thingie. Get it?

You literally have billions of neurons working away in your brain right now, all linked together. Which means you’re a darn sight smarter than you think. In fact everyone is a potential genius. But we constantly berate ourselves and block the genius mind from emerging.

And how do we do this? By what we tell ourselves. How often have you heard someone say ‘I have a terrible memory?’  Ok this may seem justified at the time but that’s because the mind works to support and shore up your beliefs, even if this means working against your own good. So when you think and say you have a terrible memory you’re literally giving your brain instructions to stop remembering things, to give you a bad memory. And it will oblige every time.

the solution ?

Next time you find you can’t remember where you put something, say your keys, try telling yourself, ‘I have an excellent memory, it'll come to me in a moment where I put them.’  And it will. You remember millions of different things every day. Every individual on this planet has a remarkable memory, but too many of us keep telling ourselves we have awful memories. It’s a form of induced senility.

It’s popular for people to jokingly say they’re having a ‘senior moment’. Popular but dangerous. Because what we keep telling ourselves can become true.

Thoughts are funny things. Every day we have hundreds of thoughts about people, as well as stuff that happened to us. Now when we have these thoughts we create neurons about those people and things. If we continue to cultivate resentment or harbour ill-will towards some person or a past event in our lives we are feeding these particular neurons. Not only is this unnecessary, unwelcome, even potentially harmful, but it can actually block the growth of other more useful ones. In other words it prevents us from being smarter.

Small resentments left unchecked can grow into huge and long-lasting hatred, which may even be causing physical damage to the brain. Our spiteful thoughts about others could literally be killing us! Remember the cells in your brain around a particular item bear no relation to the actual event, they are simply a neuronal echo.

Tests have shown that our DNA is not the same when we die as when we were born, it is constantly changing. And what changes it is our attitudes, thoughts and feelings. So shifting an attitude from one of disapproval to one of tolerance not only improves our quality of life, it physically alters who we are. We can do this when someone's annoying us by thinking, ‘they’re doing the best they can with the limited knowledge and resources they have’. Or, ‘they have not found their purpose in life yet and don't know how else to act’. This doesn’t mean you have to approve of their behaviour, absolutely not.

Just try to see the person beyond the behaviour. Seek the Higher Self in everyone.

The world out there is raw data, that’s all. Everything you know about it YOU bring through your impression, understanding, and personal view of the world. We react and respond to our picture of reality in our mind, not to reality itself. 

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There is a voice that doesn’t use words - listen!


Reality is merely an illusion - albeit a persistent one.

Albert Einstein