10 things to give up – Permanently!

10 things to give up # 1
Thinking you can buy happiness

Do you think money, or rather the things money can buy, will make you happy? If you do you are not alone, for most people living on this planet are of the same persuasion.   We think if we have a bigger house, a new wardrobe, the latest model of car, we will be happy. Now don’t get me wrong I have great appreciation and respect for money.  However, if you’re not happy now, in this moment, having a lot of money and material things is unlikely to change that. With this realisation in mind go out and create all the wealth you want and then begin to make a difference in the world.

Being happy will make you wealthy. Not – as everyone believes – the other way round.

10 things to give up # 2
Wanting others to like you

First up, why should it be of any concern to you whether someone likes you or not? In any case, you can never know what other people think of you, only what you think they are thinking. A very different scenario.  We form opinions about others based on our perception of them and the situation we find ourselves in.  Example, if you think someone is avoiding you, you may decide they don’t like you. But, they may simply be allowing you space, or want space themselves. Had you formed a different opinion of them chances are you’d have made a friend for life.

You don’t need other people’s opinions to give you worth. You’re perfect as you are.  

10 things to give up # 3
Worry and stress

If worrying could actually achieve anything then there might be an argument for it. But it never has and never will. If you have a problem worrying about it will not make it go away. It may, however, keep you awake all night, give you high blood pressure, cause digestive problems, and many other physical and mental ailments. Talking to a trusted friend and taking decisive action is a much better remedy. The crazy thing is most people worry about nothing, that is, improbable things which never turn out to happen. Many studies have shown that worry releases chemicals in the brain, for instance, cortisol, which can induce premature aging.   And stress is the number one killer in the world, even more than cancer.

Decide today to give up worry and look forward to a longer and healthier life.  

10 things to give up # 4
Being at the mercy of your emotions

Our emotions are barometers that let us know where we are in relation to our goals and relationships with others. In this role they are very important.  However, most people are a slave to their emotions. They allow anger, or jealousy, or sadness, or some other feeling to consume them.  Now I’m not talking about suppressing your emotions, that’s a different thing altogether. Acknowledge emotions as they arise: that means not offloading them to others, suppressing them, or getting seduced by the drama they continuously create. Remember, you are more than your emotions.

Acknowledge them, and then let them go. 

10 things to give up # 5
Thinking you’re not good enough

That we are inadequate, not up to the job, in some way defective is a trait that most of the human race shares. Staggering, as it’s a complete lie!  And, believe me, it can show itself as quick in arrogance as in low self-esteem. This arises out of the simple human habit of comparison. When we continually compare ourselves with others we run the risk of falling short.  The way around this is to recognise your own uniqueness. Remember, there is no one on the planet, not now or at any other time, who is exactly as you are, who does things just the way you do them.   You are awesome. Not only were you created by the Light, but are part of it. You are loved every moment by the Source that created you. Therefore, you have NO RIGHT thinking that you’re not good enough. 

Embrace your awesomeness today!

10 things to give up # 6

Some people love nothing better than to live on the juicy nuggets of others’ misfortunes. They can’t wait to hear the latest piece of scandal, and to pass it on to your waiting ears. Don’t fall into their trap. These people will, given the chance, suck the life-blood out of you. Their level of consciousness is not very high, as they fail to see that the person they are talking about is, at another level, a part of themselves.  Choose your company with more discretion.  There is nothing more distasteful than meaningless gossip, and nothing more enriching than to be in the company of someone who distains it.

Set the bar high for your friends.  Don’t gossip. Soon you’ll have a very rich coterie of followers.

10 things to give up # 7
Being a people pleaser

When we always try to accommodate others, or go to any lengths to avoid confrontation,  we’re actually bordering on dishonesty. Not only are we being untrue to ourselves, and will probably feel bad about it later, but also we are denying the other person the chance to grow. No one likes a yes man. Open-minded people like to be stretched a little. We don’t have to be abrasive, rude or discourteous, but we can, whenever possible, and to the best of our ability, endeavour to speak our truth.  Being accommodating can become a habit, and a dangerous one at that.

Don’t feel you must always agree. Your opinion also counts.

10 things to give up # 8
Living in the past

To begin, the past is an illusion. Everything really happens at once, but time and space give us the illusion of forward movement. Hence the mind can perceive a past and future. That’s fine, but too many people life in this imaginary place.  For them life was so much better when they were younger, or at some other juncture in their life. However, if we could talk to that person at that juncture I bet they would tell a very different story. Chances are, they were unhappy then too. Living in the past gives us a distorted image of reality, having a strong propensity to see another time better than it was, and the present moment in less favourable light. When we do this we rob ourselves of the joy of the moment.

Appreciate what you have now. Know that this is the greatest moment of your life.

10 things to give up # 9
The need to control

Being in control is the central thing for many people. But, control is an illusion. It’s an unnatural intrusion into our own and others’ lives. Just think, if a meteorite were to hit planet earth this day what exactly could you do about it?  Bugger all!  So, then, how much ‘control’ do you really have? The only control we can have is in surrendering to a higher power within us. Now some people get scared when they hear surrender because they equate that with losing control. In this sense surrendering isn’t about giving up anything, rather it is acknowledging that everything is being taken care of, and things will work out exactly as they are supposed to, despite our infantile attempts to control every outcome.

Allow that part of you that ‘knows’ to make all the decisions, and be assured that it is supporting you in every way. 

10 things to give up # 10
Selling your dreams short

Life can seem hard at times. And sometimes we are taught that the only way to get by is to work hard, follow the rules, do what everyone else is doing, and put up with our lot. But ask yourself, how much happiness has this brought to the majority of people? Let me tell you today there is nothing wrong with having a dream and going after it. Dream big, and do some little thing every day to help bring that dream into reality.  Maybe you will have to work in a ‘job’ for a while, but that’s ok. You know your big dream will come true.

You can live your dream. You can have whatever you want. You can be whatever you want. You just have to believe in yourself.

Remember your awesomeness!


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