a website dedicated to awakening higher consciousness

what is awakening ?

I see awakening as a journey.

It is a journey into the self, your higher self.

It’s like when something opens in us and the light shines through.

Often this is accompanied by the realisation that we have a special purpose here on earth, that the reason we're here matters, and that we matter too.

awakening is . . .

when we stop living from the head, and start living from the heart.

We breathe air, the chi, the spirit of life.

Consciousness is the key: The more conscious we become the more life we have.

The point of consciousness is where you start creating the life you always wanted and were truly meant to live. This does not depend on any presupposed notion you may have of God, or whether you even believe in one.

All that is taken care of anyway.

You are made up of billions of photons (light particles)

So, whether you realise it or not you're literally a Being of Light.

awakening is . . .

the real purpose of your existence, and the reason you are on the planet at this time . . .

The majestic eucalyptus is said to be the highest evolved plant on earth.

Right now huge changes are taking place across the globe; socially, economically, politically, climatically.

The very planet we live on is renewing itself.

But this is only a reflection of the change that's taking place inside you.

It is a very exciting period to be alive. The Unscripted Self is at the cutting edge of this change.

awakening is . . .

discovering that happiness is your birthright.

The mind is like a pool of water when you go beneath you find a deep, fathomless peace.

Now it's important to understand that awakening does not mean you will never again feel anger, or have negative thoughts, or experience self doubt.

True understanding of the term is to know we can let these feelings pass through us, without letting them define us.

For beneath the person we appear on the surface there is another self, one that is all-loving and compassionate, and which always has our highest interest at heart.

To be aware of our doubts, of our forgetfulness, of our anger too, is itself awakening, for it is an awareness of our unawareness.

Just something to ponder.

awakening is . . .

knowing you can undo the programs, re-write the scripts. For such purpose was this website born.

Sunset over Sorrento, fire in the sky.

When you look upon beauty, such as a sunset, did you realise that the seeing, and the beauty, actually comes from you and not the ball of fire in the stratosphere?

To live an unscripted life is to step out of our programs, to be free, undisturbed by the noisy passing of everyday things. It is to be at-one-ment with yourself, in short to be awake.

"You are as God created you"

A Course in Miracles

WELCOME to the unscripted self (USS). Rest assured the reason you found this page is no accident.

I invite you to explore the articles and posts I've put up.

I hope this is just the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship.


There is a voice that doesn’t use words - listen!


Reality is merely an illusion - albeit a persistent one.

Albert Einstein