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Finally we arrive at the seventh, or the crown chakra, which is located just a few inches above the head. This is the ‘halo’ that we often see above the head in pictures of Jesus and the saints. The good news is we all have a halo, we just can’t see it because we don’t use our third eye enough! This is the chakra that connects us with the divine, our higher selves, All That Is. Its colour is violet or deep purple, mixed with other colours that don’t exist on our colour spectrum. The relationship at this level is with God, and with spirit.

The crown chakra completes all the others; survival, appetite, power, letting love in, delivery, insight. They are all connected to spirit and who we are at our core being. It also comes full circle, and can be seen as a ‘higher’ aspiration of the first. Questions such as purpose, drive, survival arise again. Only now, at the crown chakra, these issues are looked at through new eyes. At this level it’s clear there is no need to worry about anything, because, somehow everything’s taken care of.

The fear of death, and even the struggle to preserve life is insane when we know life comes from a source that never ends. There was really no survival need in the first place. Equally insane is any attempt to feed an appetite that is unreal, fill a void that is not there, or search for power that is illusory.

But this awakening comes about not by denying those things; death, the appetites, power, the self – that would be running away – but by accepting them and integrating them into the greater self. When the crown chakra fully opens then awakening occurs. Truly now can we say with the Buddha, ‘I am awake’.

It is at the crown chakra that chi, or ki, or prana, as it’s variously known enters the body. This helps give us balance. When we’re out of balance we’re like someone living in the clouds or ‘on another planet’.

As a Reiki master I am very familiar with working with energy at this chakra. Also the Oneness blessing, a beautiful practice from India known as Deeksha, is given through the crown chakra.


Common ailments of the crown chakra include migraine and earache. Many healers tell me they experience sudden headaches after giving a healing or doing energy work, which disappear just as mysteriously as they came.

Fear factor

Deeper fear is often experienced as confusion, or depression, even the inability to think or see clearly. If we bring too much root chakra stuff to this level, its preternatural fear can turn into existential angst. In confusion it is easy to slip into arrogance and an inflated sense of our own greatness. There are many pitfalls at the crown chakra.

In truth, one chakra isn’t really ‘higher’ than another.

Are you beginning to see how they are all connected? Knowing about the chakras can help us understand why things work as they do, as well as revealing the interconnectivity of things. For example, when I developed sciatica I knew a part of me was trying to hold me back from the course that was right to take. All lower back is first chakra stuff. Then when I got really down to examining the issue I discovered I was still holding a lot of old emotional trauma in my body. This of course is second chakra stuff. So you see how complex it is. However, don’t try to figure it out with the intellect, when you work with energy things usually have a way of healing themselves.


  1. Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed by ‘trivial’ things, especially when they pile up?
  2. Do you suffer from migraine?
  3. Have you ever tried meditation?

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