The Idea of God
Part 4

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The Counterfeit God

To say ‘God is Love’, while true, is a definition. It circumscribes God, suggests limit even. Now, while you didn’t create Love, since it created you, you did, however, and still continue to, create an idea of God. One, as we saw already based on the parental model; first that of your actual parents, or substitutes, and later referred to society and its various agents. “God”, or Super Parent, is the final destination of this transference.

In this way we misunderstand the terms authority and power. We think authority means anyone with power over us, a role the State tries to assume. But it doesn’t mean that. Authority comes from the word ‘author’, which also means creator. God is the only authority in your life (using the word in this context). All other forms of authority are false and illusory.

It is important that we do not confuse this definition with preconceived notions of the term.

It is not an authority over us, it is an authority of us. It is our authority too, the means by which unfolds the phenomenon of our lives. Just as the rays of the sun, or the heat of the sun, are not themselves the sun, but are of it, an intrinsic part of it, thus are you to God.

It is from this Source, or ‘author’, that you get your power, and your power is limitless. But you’ve been tricked into believing you’re helpless. Thus you confuse your true Source with its false counterpart outside of you, and so you give your power to this. Furthermore, mistaking the counterfeit for the real thing, when you encounter the teachings of Enlightened Masters, such as Jesus, or Babaji, you think they’re talking about the counterfeit. And so you either reject these teachings altogether, or you try to defend the indefensible. In this way your enslavement by the world is complete.

You are like a character in a science fiction drama who’s been whisked off to an imaginary, counterfeit world which his captors have made to look exactly like his own. Not knowing he’s been duped he never thinks to escape.

How to recognise counterfeit authority

Counterfeit authority is obsessed with rules, because what is not real must continuously justify its existence, continuously strive to convince. To do this it searches out the ‘other’, and urges us to attack this.

Having no internal reality in itself, this illusory world can only be upheld by rules. When they become worn out they are replaced by new ones. Morality is another such invention. Again you mistake this as coming from God, but God is not involved with morality. God simply is. Morality is another idea we invented in response to its opposite, what we call "immorality", which is basically stuff we don't like. Remember the dualistic world, of ‘same’ and ‘other’? 

We are all part of this group mind or collective consciousness that mistakes the counterfeit for the real thing. Now don't think there is some 'Being' out there who is angry with you for seeing things this way, nor, is this Being plotting revenge on you because you don’t worship him. To think thus is simply to view God through the lens of the world. We've been buying into the parental/power paradigm for millennia now, as we saw in parts 2-3. 

Do not worry. When you awaken, which is what the Unscripted Self is all about, all programs and scripts fall away. And, the good news is a huge awakening is taking place right now across the globe which will make it easier. In fact I’ll let you in on a secret, it a few short years it will be very hard not to be awake.

We are living in very exciting times.

We are witnessing the raising of human consciousness to the level of Christ Consciousness at this moment in history.

A new threat

As a counter to the authoritarian god, in recent times an idea of God as a ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ has emerged. There’s much talk too about ‘manifesting’, and ‘co-creating with the Universe’. Some of this needs clearing up. A lot of New Age thinking is reactive. When we fight against something we’re still, to some degree, buying into it. By fighting against the old false notion of God, we are in danger of turning it into its mirror opposite. God goes from austere dictator to doting granddad, whose main reason for existence is to give you ‘stuff’. Elsewhere I call this the ATM universe. Really it’s more infantile thinking. And fear lies beneath it too.The fear that I'm not complete without my "stuff".

It’s the old belief that since love can be given, it can also be taken away. Love becomes the tyrant’s weapon, the victim’s plea, and the advocate’s bargaining tool. Conditional love and the super parent are inseparable. But Unconditional Love is never like this.

Just as the sun continues to pour fourth its radiant light on earth, so is God’s love constant.

‘He causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends the rain on the just and the unjust’ (Matt 5:45).

Actually, God will give you anything you ask for, and not just the things you think are good for you. God withholds nothing. If this surprises us it’s because we’ve failed to understand the real meaning of giving and receiving. God is giving to you all the time. And when She awakens in you, you’ll do likewise. This is the real meaning of ‘co-creating with the Universe’.

Jesus said, ‘whatever you so desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them’ (Mark 11.24), a passage that is often cited to support ‘manifesting stuff’. While it can include that, its meaning is more far-reaching. You will only create or manifest what you really ask for.

Carlos Castaneda in The Teachings of Don Juan, says that the warrior must ask, ‘does the path I’m on have a heart?’ And if the answer is no then he should get off it. You will only reach your destination on a path with a heart. If you are on any other you will make the wrong requests. And these you will not manifest, because you are not really asking for them, not because God is withholding.

What path are you on ?

However, anyone who asks that question sincerely of himself will soon find himself on the right path. Because, as Jesus also said, ‘your Father knows what things you have need of even before you ask Him’ (Matt. 6:8). God knows your path and knows when you’re on it, and so what it is you’re really asking for. And elsewhere, (Luke 12:32) ‘it’s your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom’. Of course this doesn’t preclude material things. Why should it?

It just means a lot more.

‘Seek first the kingdom and all things will be added to you’. Jesus uses the parental moniker frequently, both in the Gospel accounts, and in A Course in Miracles, but clearly distinguishes it from infantile displacement or mythic narrative.

For example, ‘the Father abiding in me’ (John10:14), Jesus knows his Source is not something outside him. There is no separation.

Find the path with a heart, discard all false images, and know that your true Source and Power are found by going within.

Next time, in the concluding part of this series, we show you a way to do this.

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