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the rainbow inside your body

The red softens to a kind of orangey glow when we move up to the sacral chakra, or second chakra. It is situated in the lower stomach. This is the orchard chakra. The season of change, renewal, moving forward. We are now in the realm of the appetites. Sex here is about answering pleasure’s needs. This is where we explore taste, touch, sensory fulfilment. We may encounter many insecurities at the sacral chakra. With the need to be ‘filled’ also comes the (false) perception that we are empty. We begin to look outside of ourselves to fill this void.

Relationship issues arise and we encounter intangibles such as trust, integrity. Our values are often formed here. As we learn trust we also learn discernment. This serves to build good character, but it’s also where we form judgments. The world becomes me and not me. I evaluate everything solely on the evidence of my senses. A great deal of resentment can reside at the sacral chakra, addictive behaviour, victim consciousness. In seeking fulfilment, I may discover that I can never really be fulfilled. I am full but I am not complete.


Many illnesses are associated with the stomach, sexual organs and the general area of the sacral chakra. Diet has become a huge issue in our time. What we put into our body and what we’re not putting into our body both can kill us. There is almost a danger attached to food today, it comes with labels, it comes with warnings. It is a hugely loaded subject.

Fear factor

Unlike the sharp stabbing fear of the first chakra, the fear here is a sickening feeling in the stomach, a sinking kind of feeling. We’ve all had it. It’s like all your organs are being squashed. It feels like your world is collapsing. It tastes like disappointment.

Trust means taking risks. This introduces uncertainty. Risk entails the possibility of failure. This thought engenders fear, fear engenders shame, and this can mean a lapse back to the root chakra. When I say ‘lapse’ I mean to the energetic level or ‘mood’ of that chakra. Adolescence is an example. If the steady progress toward adulthood is interrupted, some regress to a ‘safer’ childhood form.

The sacral chakra is a mixture of the child and adolescent worlds. One of oral fixation, every new experience must be tasted to be confirmed, and one of experiment. We move from dependence to interdependence as we realise survival can best be won by combining with others.


  1. How satisfied are you with life?
  2. Does it feel, at times, that your world's collapsing in on you?
  3. What coping mechanisms do you use when this happens?

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