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chakra colors:
the rainbow inside your body

As we enter the heart chakra the colours change to a beautiful deep verdant green. This is the fourth chakra, the portal between the three lower and upper chakras, or the earth and sky chakras as they’re sometimes called. This chakra operates in two places at once. It is the true centre. While the solar plexus is the middle of the physical body, the heart chakra is the centre of the chakra system itself, our energy body. All traces of red and yellow have now evaporated. This chakra is often seen as pink when opening, and then green when fully opened.

The heart has always been associated with love, but this is usually of a romantic kind. This is not the function of the heart chakra it should be stated. When we speak of love at this chakra we are speaking of unconditional love. In the second chakra the sexual, or more correctly, the sensual appetites were awoken. Now in the fourth chakra these are transmuted into universal love. Love no longer serves the purpose of satiation; now it serves humanity. It is all-inclusive, all empowering, and universal. Inability to do this can result in lapse to the third chakra and mistaken notions of power for love. 


Cardiovascular disease is a huge killer, and we see the prevalence of breast cancer today. From an emotional standpoint, how many of our woes appear to come from ‘love issues’? Loss, heartache, loneliness, sorrow, disappointment (again), the list is endless. We even talk about a ‘broken heart’. Think about the literal implications of that!

Fear factor

Fear at the heart chakra is felt as deep sorrow. Failure to properly integrate stuff in early life (or at lower chakras) can impact negatively at the heart chakra. This can manifest in the inability to ‘open the heart’, and can lead to fear around the heart. We become cold, unable to express our feelings, or sometimes even feel them.

In order to enter the power chakra, solar plexus, we must (strangely enough) first go through the heart. However, to work with heart energy requires great skill and care, also a lot of compassion for ourselves. Further, power of the heart chakra is different, it is not the power of leadership, or strength, or overcoming adversity, or even of the warrior. It is much more subtle, yet more powerful.

In the Buddhist tradition the mind is situated in the heart. It is only in western thought that the head and the brain came to dominate. This attitude needs to change. Until we truly learn to appreciate and live in the heart chakra we can never ascend to the higher chakras. A lot is spoken about love and the heart today, but few truly understand it. On the one hand, some think it’s all ‘love and light’, while others say we have to get serious and work on ourselves. But the truth is somewhere in between. It is more a process where we cease doing, and start being.


  1. Do former relationships or ‘affairs of the heart’ still weigh heavy on you?
  2. We’ve all made mistakes in the past. Have you forgiven yourself for yours?
  3. Do you ever find yourself engaging in spontaneous acts of kindness?

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