everything is perfect
in the present moment

Everything is perfect but because we see things up close we are seeing what we believe is imperfection. This mixed up seeing causes us to believe this is the way things are. You emerged from something that is perfect, that could only be perfect. You are like the breath of perfection, coming from perfection. Therefore, ask yourself does perfection ever change? Can gold suddenly turn into lead? No. The natural state of anything remains as it always was and yours is perfection. However, because you have free will you can choose to think of yourself as less than perfect. But these thoughts will be meaningless. You can also choose to behave as less than perfect, but these acts will be effectless. This is because you cannot make something what it’s not.

shutting out the sun

Let me give an example: suppose the sun is too glary and you decide to cover it up. So you cover the windows with heavy drapes, darken the room, and so on. This will make the sun go away for you but you cannot make it really disappear. Your actions will have no effect whatsoever on the actual sun, which will continue to shine as brightly as ever.

That is because the sun, as the sun, is perfect.  When you learn you cannot change what is – in this case the sun – you then may as well tear down the barriers you erected and restore the light. But regardless, the sun was shining all the time. You’ve changed nothing except your own situation in regard to the sun.


This is how error manages to appear. We may think we’re lonely, depressed, or behave in an unloving way. But all we’re doing is erecting barriers in our mind, shutting out love, denying someone, believing some false idea. And while it can seem real enough at the time, it is only in the individual mind. It can even spread to other minds and seem to contaminate them. I emphasise seem but the reality is error, which is nothing, has no effect on anything whatsoever.

And when it’s revealed to the still mind it will collapse in an instant and all will be restored. The actual reality is love, and the error is thinking that it can be lost, or withdrawn, or covered up. Even if someone was to act this out their entire life it doesn’t alter the fact that love is still there, that they are a loving being of unsullied perfection, simply waiting for the barrier to come down so they can shine. It is sad that many allow their entire lives to be spent in this darkness. And while I believe there’s always a second chance, don’t allow yours to be wasted so.


We can believe the darkness is real, and love is not, and while we do so this will be our reality. That’s how I understand “making our own reality”. It’s not that you create yourself but you make the world which you look upon. It can be scary or it can be kind. That depends on you. I can walk around the town I live in and see drug abuse, neglect, want and poverty. Or I can walk around and see kindness and love, people doing the best they can and helping each other out in hard times. Now, which world is the right one? Both of course, they are both real to the mind that holds them. And then beyond both, beyond mind itself there is a different world entirely. And this holds all that is perfect in you and it.

compare or contrast?

A common error is to mistake perfection with degree, that is we confuse it with comparison. Is a giraffe better than a gnat? It’s bigger, true, but better does not come into the equation. A gnat is a billion times bigger than a particle, and so on. And both were made from the particle. Everything is perfect in itself, and for being itself.

What about sickness?  Is a healthy gnat not better than a sick one? Well, while pretty much everyone would agree it’s better to be in a state of health than sickness, that’s not the full story. We’ve now introduced contrast, which is really another form of comparison; comparison with a twist.


Here we’re putting two things that are the same side by side and deciding one is “better” than the other. When we do we’re kind of denying the perfection of both. What is sickness but the path to health. I’ve met so many on that path whose wisdom and understanding dwarfs anything I learned. Now to the sick gnat, lying in its gnat hospital, sickness is real, but beyond that lies health which is its gnatural (couldn't resist that!) state of perfection.

If everything is perfect then why would we need change? And we do!  

This reminds me of a story of a statue of the Buddha that was found covered in mud (sorry I don’t remember the exact place, if anyone knows let me know here). It was thought worthless until the workers washed it and chipped away all the mud and then to their astonishment they discovered it was solid gold. I think the analogy is obvious. Beneath the mud and error we cover ourselves in lies our true perfection. The only change that is really needed is to get to this, ‘see the perfect where the seeming imperfection seems to be’. One of my favourite quotations, attributed to Lester Levenson.


Don’t confuse perfection with indifference, they’re two totally different animals. Some people have the attitude, ‘no point in worrying because there’s nothing I can do anyway, might as well put up with it’. That’s Resignation. When we think in this way we’re coming from a very different place than when we realise that nothing actually matters because everything is taken care of. The latter engenders a very, very different feeling.  Be aware of this feeling in the deepest sense of your being.


Stop regularly during the day to check in with yourself, ‘I am creating this reality, right now, and, what is it exactly I’m creating? Is it joyous? Is it spreading love and kindness? Or is it just nonsense? And if you find the latter than see if you can change it, without getting yourself into contortions that is, I mean without making it wrong. That’s very important because if you’re continually seeing your faults you’re allowing the critic to emerge, and this is just another way of forgetting that everything is perfect.  If there’s something you can’t change, leave it, it will correct itself. Remember everything is perfect. You don’t have to do anything to correct it really. Except, maybe, be aware of it. And your checking in has got you that.


The world is not evil. To think that is to enter a belief system about it that will take you away from genuine awareness. To let it go is a different thing altogether.


When resting in the knowledge that things are not important, which they’re not, we free ourselves of the need to cling to them, wanting them to be a certain way, the way we expect them to be, the way we think they always were.  So many people are addicted to things being the way they always were, stagnant. How tiresome!


Let go of the strain of up-close seeing, remember it’s just habit, and realise everything is perfect. When you do you’ll feel a sense of peace, of wholeness, of being you.

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There is a voice that doesn’t use words - listen!


Reality is merely an illusion - albeit a persistent one.

Albert Einstein