A Funny Thing About MONEY

What is the secret of wealth, I mean why do some get rich while others, despite reading all the self help material, remain strapped?

The way I see it money, or wealth is everywhere. Our natural state is one of abundance and creativity. And of course joy, that’s very important. I believe the Source, whatever you want to call it, wants to give us everything. It does not want to see us suffering or in need at all.

But if that’s the case why then is there so much poverty?

Well, very simply, that’s down to lack consciousness, or a state of mind that tells us, falsely, we do not have enough.  

But, surely if I have a lot of money won’t somebody else have to go without?

No, quite the opposite. In fact you have just demonstrated how lack consciousness works, thinking our gain must be at someone else’s expense. But it doesn’t have to be like that. There is more than enough to go around.

A bit like the air we breathe you mean?

Exactly. By breathing all the oxygen you can you’re not depriving another person of any, because in this, as in wealth, the Universe made an unending supply. By not breathing you will die. Equally by refusing to accept wealth, and all abundance, we are depriving ourselves of the oxygen of God’s love.

Why is joy important?

Because if we’re not in a state of joy we’re not accepting. Accepting the gifts God wants to give us is the one thing people find most difficult.

Isn’t the answer to poverty really all down to distribution?

Well, not quite, while distribution is a factor, it’s not the whole answer. Certainly at times emergency aid is needed, but what the world really needs is a change of heart, a change of perspective, a new renaissance of consciousness.   

And how do we go about that, visualisation, affirmations, that sort of thing? 

Emm, these are tools, and tools can sometimes be useful, but the problem is many people find they don’t work. The reason being is because a belief system is in place. And that’s what needs to be tackled.

You mean people start investing energy in the tools and not what’s behind them?

Now you have it. What we need to do is get to the source of any limiting belief and change that. You see, people think in images, so when they talk about money or wealth consciousness, and the Universe being the supply, often they think of it as ‘something’ with a big pot that keeps refilling itself. And this something then metes out the goodies, but only to those who are thinking the ‘right thoughts’, or in ‘alignment’ with money.

And, actually it’s not really like that at all.

Yes, alignment is a real buzz word in the new age.

You’ve noticed too, but that’s only half the picture. You see, wealth consciousness is really not about monry at all! It’s not so much that monry is important, rather it’s the feeling it will bring you, the state it creates, then you realise you’ve had it all along. 

But if this is true, the universe is all giving, etc., then how in the holy hell did we get to thinking we were poor in the first place?

Beliefs again. A lot of it has to do with what we were told as children and growing up. If there was scarcity in the home often we have an unconscious fear of money. We end up pushing it away.

How does that work?

Well, it can take many forms, it’s a lot to do with how you started your life, our map of the world gets formed in early childhood, and we’re absolute geniuses at imitation, we copy what’s around us.

I see what you mean. The reason we’re poor now is because our parents were poor. We imitate their behaviour.

Well, it’s more complex than that. Yes, we do unconsciously imitate what we see, but we also set limitations. There’s a lot of ‘parental energy’ invested in poverty consciousness. For example, you might have the belief that you can’t earn more than your parents did, or, you might want to get even with them, that’s one way of staying poor.

Why would you do that?

The child thinks ‘you didn’t love me so I’ll mess up my life’, the adult carries out that intention unknowingly. In truth, we work very hard at developing our lack consciousness. It would probably be a darn site easier to do the opposite!

So, if I’m pushing something away it has nothing to do with mystical alignment, it’s more like, I’ll make sure to be preoccupied when some big opportunity presents itself, or I’ll be someplace else entirely.

Precisely! You’re on the money, if you pardon the pun! I like to see it as looking in a mirror. We see what we put there. If I frown I see a frowning man looking back at me. Now that's not really who I am, but the mirror will show me what I put there. It will always show us what we put in front of it. So if you think of yourself as poor, or in want, that’s what you're putting in front of the mirror. And that’s what it will faithfully reflect back to you. The sad thing is we go through life thinking ‘that’s the way things are', or 'it's my bad luck', forgetting we are source, nor subject.

So how do we change that?

Don’t be afraid to look inside and examine your beliefs, about money, hell about everything. Let yourself see what you’ve conned yourself into thinking all along and then steadily begin to dismantle those beliefs. Bring your rubbishy beliefs to the light. When we switch on a light the darkness disperses immediately. There’s never a contest between the two.  

So, the truth will set you free.  





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Reality is merely an illusion - albeit a persistent one.

Albert Einstein