Truth Process

a tool to uncover our most negative thought, or personal lie

Here's an exercise to discover your most negative thought. It’s a very powerful tool.

We all hold certain thoughts about ourselves that are not true. These are our scripts. They become the story we make up about ourselves. Some we acquired as young children. Others go all the way back to our birth.

These are known as our Personal Lie.

This exercise is called the truth process because it reveals a deeper truth about yourself.

It is sometimes used in rebirthing or coaching sessions, however, it’s safe to do on your own.

There are five statements. Read each one and then write down the first thought about it that comes into your head. Don’t analyze it.


“the reason I can’t seem to be successful is:”

could be

‘I’m bad’, or ‘I'm unlovable’, or ‘I don’t deserve it’.

Obviously put down what comes up for you.

Get the idea? Good. Now why not give it a try?


The reason I can’t seem to be successful is:



What I’m most afraid people will think of me is:



The one thing I don’t want people to know about me is:



The reason I am helpless is:



The reason life is a struggle is:


Now scan your five answers. Is there one that really jumps out at you? Or, from a combination of all the answers now write down

The most negative thought about myself is:


There you have it. That is your most negative thought about yourself. And purely and simply it is a lie!! a thought you adopted and in time came to believe.

Now move on to the clean-up process. This is a very important part of the exercise.

Clean-up Process

Take the most negative thought you have about yourself, now turn it on its head.


“I don’t deserve to be loved” becomes

“I, [your name] completely deserve to be loved”.

Write this out 20, 50, 100 times. As often as it feels right for you.

Next meditate on this for some time, think about the ridiculousness of the idea that you are not loved, wanted, successful, whatever your most negative thought was. Why, in all the universe would you be singled out to be thus? Isn’t it making yourself very, very special? It is in fact arrogant!

It is quite ridiculous to go on believing such a lie about yourself.

Now resolve to change your mind.

And finally, for the next 21 days repeat your new affirmation to yourself as many times as you can. Experts claim it takes 21 days to hardwire a new thought into your brain.

Say it as you walk to work, in the shower, anywhere. Do a shortened version of it, like,

‘I deserve to be loved’
‘I deserve to be loved’
‘I deserve to be loved’

Say this over and over, and over. Eventually this becomes your new reality.

Please commit to the 21 day part of it. This is important to erase the old thought and implant the new one into your brain. Sometimes people don’t bother doing this and then wonder why the new affirmation didn’t take root.

Remember, you’ve been programming yourself with a lie for years, allow the new truth some time to take effect.

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There is a voice that doesn’t use words - listen!


Reality is merely an illusion - albeit a persistent one.

Albert Einstein