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First in a series of interviews with people working in the healing arts.

Rosemary Lowe:
Reiki master and teacher

simply reiki

Rosemary Lowe is a Reiki practitioner and teacher who works from her practice in Terenure, Dublin. You can also find her on line at simplyreiki.ie

I met Rosemary recently and began by asking her how she first became attracted to Reiki, what got her into it.

RL I got involved in Reiki by accident really. Someone bought me a gift voucher for a massage, and when I went in for that I saw a leaflet describing something called Reiki. I enquired what it was, and my interest being piqued I later returned for a Reiki treatment. It was really life transforming. Then I learned I could do this for myself. I started looking for a teacher, and very soon the right one appeared. How can I describe what Reiki did for me? It was like as if all the lights were off, and after that first session someone turned them on.

USS What a lovely metaphor. Can you describe in what way it changed you?

RL Before I had had so many thoughts in my head. I couldn’t get off the merry-go-round of thoughts, now it was like the energy took all the thoughts and threw them out. I used to play the victim. I would say I was someone who didn’t have much confidence, but as soon as I started doing Reiki all that changed. It was like the more Reiki I did on myself the more confident I became. It was just what I needed at the time. I stopped people pleasing. Suddenly I was able to speak my truth. I started reacting in a different way, and when I did others reacted differently to me.

USS Yea, that’s quite amazing how that can happen.

RL Yes, you can’t change other people, but when you change then others have to react different to you, because you are different, and your responses to them will be different. So, in this way you kind of do change others, without trying, it’s the ripple effect.

USS Is Reiki a spiritual thing for you?

RL Well when I teach Reiki I talk about the four elements to it. And one of them is spiritual, but spiritual is not do you believe in God. Rather it’s something inside you, the universal energy itself. As my teacher would say, the energy puts you in touch with the essence of who you are beyond your current belief system, and your personality.

USS I think that sums it up very well.

RL Yes, because your belief system can change.

USS I know, and your personality is not the real you, although we tend to mistake it for that. Can you talk a little about the other elements?

RL Well the next one is the emotional. Trauma happens to all of us, now intellectually you can get over it, but your cells hold on to the memory. During a treatment you can have an emotional release, this can be laughing or crying. I describe it like carrying an invisible bag of rocks around with you. You don’t realise the difference until you let them go. The mental and physical are the last two. We often have a mental attitude towards a certain person, or thing, or place, but we can also have an attitude about ourselves. This can dissolve during a Reiki treatment and a positive one replace it.

USS Do we always know when this happens?

RL No. It can happen and you don’t notice it. How you know it is this, the person will be the same as they were before, say nagging or bossy, but you will react different to them, you will not react in the old way. That’s when you know you’ve changed. It’s the same on the physical level. Reiki will go to the root of whatever the problem is and dig it out. Of course for chronic things it won’t clear it all up at once.

USS Indeed. And we don’t make outrageous claims that it will cure cancer or the like.

(Rosemary states on her website that Reiki is not to be used in lieu of medical advice, rather is complementary to it.)

RL Absolutely. But what if it could! We have so much power and we don’t realise it. It’s all about attitude change. I teach people an exercise whereby they take a step forward energetically. If you can do that you’ll find that as one door closes, it’s not that another opens, but 20 more open. Suddenly you see you have so many new choices, they were there before but you couldn’t see them because you were in a different place, you were back a step.

USS Wow. Amazing. A lot of Reiki people talk about Reiki guides and the like, do you work with them?

RL No, I don’t work with guides as such, but if I feel a presence is there then I invite it in. Sometimes afterwards the person says they felt their dead relative was with them, so I know that was the presence. Or if I’m giving someone Reiki on their feet they may feel it in the head area, and may ask later if there were others in the room, because they think someone else was giving them Reiki on the head.

USS Can you see peoples’ energy field?

RL No but I can feel it. Often I feel what I can only describe as raindrops around the person’s head. I am guided by the energy. I like to move around and do all the Reiki positions but the energy often keeps me drawn to one particular spot where the person needs it. Sometimes one side of the head is very heavy, like a dead weight. The heaviness can be an old attitude that the energy is working on, dissolving, and it wants you to keep your hands there. I often feel intense heat and see
colours too when I’m giving a treatment.

USS It’s easy to think that it’s us, and that this is our own power, but that’s not true.

RL No. With Reiki we are tapping into universal energy (Reiki by definition is Universal Life-Force Energy). So as soon as I put my hands on the person they start healing themselves. It’s not me doing it. But I can feel people draw the energy, like draw it through me. Some more so than others, some really suck it in, I almost fall in on top of them!

USS What is the function of Reiki as a therapy?

RL Reiki is a tool that people can use every day to keep them well. but it’s not just about illness, it can also help you cope with anger, sadness, stress and lots of things. It’s important to be in balance. Some people are weaker on the left side (that’s our receiving side) because they’re out of balance. When you’re giving, giving, giving and not receiving then you can get out of balance.

USS Rosemary, it’s been lovely talking to you. It’s clear that you are really passionate about Reiki and what it can do to help people. What is your final piece of advice for anyone considering Reiki?

RL I reckon the best present you could give yourself is to do a Reiki 1 course. You don’t have to go any further if you don’t wish to. I wish everyone knew about Reiki and used it every day. It could change their life.

You can check out Rosemary’s site and book an appointment with her at

Hope you enjoyed that interview with Rosemary. Watch out for more interviews with people working in the healing arts in the months ahead.

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