The Demise of the Myth of 2012

So we’ve come to the end of that year. Yes 2012, my friends, the year long hailed and anticipated for a variety of reasons and predictions is about to be snuffed out. Only two weeks remain. One from today to the winter solstice. So what was it all about: well there was the Mayan prophecy, the Kali Yuga, the Harmonic Convergence and a whole raft of other things?

Let’s take a rational clear-headed look at the myth that was 2012. First there was that calendar. Back in the mists of time the Maya were held with a combination of fear and awe. Their calendar, which had gone on for thousands of years appeared to end in 2012. This either meant that they couldn’t see beyond that time, or that time itself was to end then. The fear was the end of the world was coming, there were Hollywood blockbusters to support that view, complete with popcorn and nachos. In later years a more temperate outlook has prevailed. We weren’t coming to the end of the world, only the end of things as we know them. This is the new mindset. It allows the Maya to make a dignified exit come January 1st., as well as giving a morsel of hope to the world at large.

Actually, the Maya were never predicting the end of the world, only the end of a great cycle. No one ever seemed to get that. Maybe they didn’t want to!

Coinciding with the Mayan prophecy were the ancient Hindu scriptures (coming from a lineage and tradition that had no connection with the Maya), which talk about a new golden age. Lord Krishna declares that the new golden age will come in the Kali Yuga (the age of degeneration that we’re currently living in). It is said to start 5000 years into the Kali Yuga, which, according to some scholars at least, falls sometime around 2012.

Then there was the Harmonic Convergence. This was like some kind of cosmic love-in. It started around 1985 and was a series of meditations to mark the stages towards 2012. It also observed significant events that included tsunamis and the toppling of empires. The thing about this is that we can look at any period in history and see big changes and portends. Take the period from 1776 to the end of the 18th century. Huge paradigm shifts, the whole social fabric was rearranged then, the rise of democracy and a new egalitarian consciousness (even if it wasn’t to be realised for most). And there were other times too. Personally I think the 60s had far more going for them than the 90s or nought-ies. But hell, maybe that’s just me!

Then there were sun spots, solar flares, comets and all sorts of activity supposedly going on in the heavens, culminating in disasters here on earth. Anyone seen them? Well there was Superstorm Sandy last month. Now I know it’s easy to get alarmed when something like that happens but we tend to forget that there have been disasters on as great a magnitude occurring throughout history. Remember the Black Plague? No, didn’t think you would.

And what about those theories of the alignment of galaxies, our sun passing through the very centre of the Milky Way on December 21. A new ouroboros (snake biting its own tail) which has something to do with the Pyramids, Stonehenge, and other ‘portals’ or power spots throughout the world. Sounds very interesting, but, well we’ve heard it all before.

Eoin: the cynic of suburbia!

So do we detect a bit of cynicism here? Well, let’s put it into perspective. In a sense all prophecies are self-fulfilling. Have you noticed how “2012” took on a life of its own over the recent past? It became mythologized, and adopted a certain mystic that most people couldn’t help buying into. Then what starts as a nebulous thing becomes a concrete fact in people’s minds. Fear plays its nefarious part. Also some people make a lot of money out of it. Come January 1st 2013 I would ask these doomsayers how they got it so wrong?

Undoubtedly there are very significant changes happening right now. I just think tying them down to a particular date or spot on the earth is wrong, and can be a distraction. You see what we ought to be seeking is the light, which is within us, and is not fixed to any place or time (both illusions by the way), but our mind is very good at distracting us. While we’re haring around looking for the Maya we fail to notice that we are the truth. That we have it all along and we have no need for calendars or almanacs.

At least in a couple more weeks it will have all gone away. Or will it? I predict January won’t be a day old before they’ve changed the goalposts and created a new date to keep you mesmerised. 2020 sounds a nice round number. Just watch.

In the past three years since I set up the USS I tried to teach that the change that needs to happen is you, it’s inside you, and it’s accessible any time. It’s not dependent on dates or auspicious days. In all that time I wrote one article only on the subject (I could hardly ignore the juggernaut that was 2012!) In that post I tried to give some background to it all, as well as emphasising that the real meaning of the new dawn, which I believe is coming, is that it will be birthed in you. I still stand over that. In fact I believe in it now more than ever. I believe this will come when we raise our consciousness and realise that we are already complete, we are 'as God created us' and don’t need anything added on.

So what are your ideas about 2012? Maybe you disagree completely with what I’m saying here. What do you think the future will hold? How was 2012 for you? Did it bring any life-altering changes, or was it just a blip? I’d love to hear your views, your personal stories, your triumphs and disappointments, even fears you may have for the future. So hit me at contact us.

And finally, can I take the opportunity now to wish all who celebrate it a very happy, peaceful and loving Christmas. Approach 2013 with great confidence, enthusiasm and expectancy. Know it’s going to be the best year ever.

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