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I would like to thank you for subscribing to Soundings, the new newsletter of the-unscripted-self. I am really glad you decided to come along. It promises to be an exciting journey.

So what is Soundings all about?

Well, it will perform a few functions:

• A chance to keep up to date with what’s new on the unscripted self.

• A forum where shorter, time-sensitive (that is current news) items that would be slightly incongruous on the website will be aired.

• A chance to report on feedback (where you can get involved).

• A bulletin board for local events.

• Introducing readers to other great self-growth sources apart from the uss.

• Delving deeper into material I write about on the site and the blog.

• Pinpointing specific areas where we can clear up old scripts, and giving you the tools to do so.

• A chance to come together as one to send healing and love to certain parts of the world and to individual people.

• Competitions, and other fun things.

When I speak of local events I do of course refer to stuff pertaining to spiritual, self development, that kind of thing. I won’t be listing all the rock gigs happening in the city (although they’re good too!) Basically it will be kept to seminars, group meetings, courses in meditation and the like, and for the moment at least probably confined to the Dublin area (where I live, and have my finger on the pulse). The final decision on what gets published rests with the editor (that’s me!). The listings will be brief. I won’t be turning the newsletter into a Craig’s list or Yellow pages!

Obviously this service is free.

Recent activity on the uss

I suppose the big news this year was the launch of my new ebook Birthing the New Consciousness. This was a project that had been gestating for quite some time, and trust me parturition came as a great relief! The book introduces some new and what I believe are innovating concepts in the personal growth area. By buying a copy you ensure that the uss remains a growing and vibrant force on the internet. I am deeply grateful.

Since then I’ve been writing about material that is indirectly related to topics raised in the book. For example, responses. We continually respond to things, people, events, upsets in our lives. These are often coloured by our individual programs or scripts through which we see the world. All the time we think we are responding to something outside us. This is because of how consciousness works (as I explain in the book) but really the response is to us, to ourselves. When we realise this (and I’m not saying it’s easy) then we can radically transform how we live our lives.

A response can show up in many different ways. It can be lending financial assistance, or physically helping out after some natural disaster (for example, Haiti or Japan). But it can also be how we speak about people, and behave when we are in their energy space. A response sourced in kindness will have ripple effects that will go on doing good and creating harmony long after the initial act has left your memory. How we think about people even and hold them in our mind is a response. As is the other kind, what I call reaction. This is a response without thought; it is automatic, impulsive, often devoid of thinking or feeling. It can create hurtful results, sow seeds of suspicion and doubt, and foster feelings of anger or indifference. Both, while producing different results, are examples of weak responses.

Respons-ibility is, we acknowledge, another kind of response, the capacity of responding in an appropriate and proper manner. We avoid a morality tale here, it’s not about being good ‘responsible’ citizens. Rather the word for me means accepting that everything that happened in my life I somehow created. The reason may be totally bizarre and will probably always remain unknown to me. Nevertheless, there is an ultimate freedom in this kind of responsibility which I call macro responsibility for it negates the temptation to go down the “poor me” road. But it’s not without its problems. For example, do we start judging others on what they ‘manifested’ in their lives? Who can look at a child who is severely disabled, abandoned, or abused in horrific ways as sadly too many children today are, and hold them accountable? What right have we to do so? This opens up a whole philosophical and ethical question on the nature of reality itself, and on the nature of personal responsibility. It reminds us we cannot adapt a philosophical or ontological stance (which the law of attraction does) without it impinging on a whole range of other issues, such as private and public morality. Do I have a right to judge others as not being awake? Can I even define awakeness to start with? These are tricky arguments. I resolve it, for the moment at least, under the umbrella of macro responsibility. I have a feeling I’ll be returning to this subject again.

This theme was subsequently fleshed out in a slightly different and some might say controversial way in two further articles, Attraction and Law of Attraction, do we attract or do we create? Law of attraction is really another term for mindset, and in some instances can lead to fuzzy thinking. What happens is we set things up in such a way that events, seemingly external circumstances, cor-responds to certain preset assumptions we already have about the world.

Without eulogising on suffering, it is through this that many have come to a new and profound experience about themselves. We need to acknowledge our physical and emotional pain. Perhaps in a world where we want to create the ‘life of our dreams’ this little point can sometimes be (unintentionally I know) overlooked! This is also true with feelings we have towards those we see as our enemies. If we indulge in feelings of hatred we are separating ourselves from All That Is, which knows nothing about hatred. At the same time if we try to forcibly repress them we can create blocks to healing.

Which brings me to the last post - 9/11.

Jesus calls on us to forgive our enemies and do good to those who hate us. On the face of it this seems like a challenging and somewhat daunting prospect, but if we take enough time and give ourselves the space we can see the profound wisdom in such an action. When we return hate with hate we fight fire with fire. What happens, we provoke our ‘enemy’ into more acts of senseless violence. We return same. It becomes a tit-for-tat vicious cycle that leads to a state of low consciousness. However, if we meet hate with love we help elicit the same in the other by our choosing a different response. We raise both of us to a new plateau. I’m not saying this is easy nor can it ever be done at the same level of consciousness at which attack happens. Only by operating from a very high level of consciousness in ourselves can we do this.

But it’s important to stress that it’s okay to feel how you’re feeling. That’s the starting point to getting to that ‘higher level’. Unfortunately religion and traditional notions of ‘forgiveness’ have forced us to deny our feelings. If I’m angry with someone I need to acknowledge this to myself. It doesn’t mean I’m going to do the person violence, it’s because we are so terrified of our feelings that we seek not to acknowledge them, to hide them. Forgiveness can often be a convenience, it can be a weapon. I go into this big time in Birthing the New Consciousness.

Often when we admit to a feeling and just throw it on the table, it’s amazing how quickly it clears up and changes of its own accord.

A Course in Miracles tell us

“To forgive is merely to remember only the loving thought you gave in the past, and those that were given to you.”

And elsewhere,

“Forgiveness that is learned of me does not use fear to undo fear. Nor does it make real the unreal and then destroy it.”

I think a lot of our preconceived notions of forgiveness are mistaken. We fear we are surrendering our good to another’s evil, or we’re adopting the moral high ground. It’s not something to be forced, or indulged.

If you have such feelings of deep anger or hatred that you just can’t let go of and you want to, allow yourself space. Go inside and try to get in touch with a power greater than yourself, whatever you call it by, God, the Source, the Universe. You don’t have to carry the burden on your own. That’s what the higher power is there for. Just say,

I have these feelings of hatred for this person which I can’t let go of. I know it’s not right and I don’t want to feel this way. I genuinely want to change but I’m not able. Please help me. Thank you.

The Course also tells us we only have to be willing to change for it to happen. There is no huge difficulty really.

New to the unscripted self

Watch out for two new features starting shortly. One is interviews I’ll be carrying out with people who are doing great work in the field of spirituality/awakening. The other is book reviews.

Distant healing

Another feature of Soundings is to send distant healing. In this first issue we are going to focus on Japan, which is still experiencing after-shocks and lesser earthquakes almost on a daily basis. There is still so much suffering there even though it’s long gone off your tv screens. In your own time and in your own way over the next few weeks please send the people of Japan, who have faced this ordeal with such dignity and nobility, love and healing.

I reprint Masaru Emoto’s words

“the water of Fukushima nuclear plant, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you”.

So on that note I’ll end this first newsletter. Thank you again for signing up. There are many, many exciting things planned for the uss in the forthcoming weeks and months. Stay tuned.

Talk to you soon.

Happy reading,

Soundings will appear once a month.

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