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Welcome back to the second edition of Soundings, the new newsletter of the-unscripted-self.

Have you ever noticed that when we have a problem we automatically think that it’s outside us, we go off searching for the solution outside ourselves, and then try to fix this “outside”. It can be anything, say, green issues, saving the planet, the current banking crisis, or saving the whale. Sometimes doing these things can be a way of feeling important. It’s the same with the economy, or finding new medical inventions to cure old ills. Fixing the outside seems the right thing to do. It’s the natural reaction of the perspective of me in an alien environment. Because that is exactly what we are when we see ourselves as separate from everything else. We go, ‘if I fix this thing I’ll be okay’. Except that it doesn’t work. Have you noticed that when we repair one problem, be it socially, or in the political sphere, another one springs up? We just discover a cure for TB when suddenly AIDS comes along. And we respond to things in a fire brigade manner, we rush in like a demented wild cat in a cartoon to put out the fire. Just to be clear I’m not talking here about denial or burying our heads in the sand. Of course we need to do our bit. I love whales and our beautiful planet but when we talk about “fixing”, what happens is we see something as a problem, and the problem is somehow detached, separate, or not indigenous to me. In this way I’m only putting a plaster on the situation, I’m not actually addressing it at all. Only by going inside ourselves, for example, seeing that there is essentially no difference between my angry thoughts and the Fukushima nuclear power plant, can I begin a genuine healing. This healing then radiates from me to that other part of me which I thought was outside me. And then before you know it those other things get sorted out too.

Recent activity on the uss

This month we started a new feature called Voices Unscripted which I’m quite excited about. It’s a whole new dimension to the unscripted self where I want to engage with others working in the area of higher consciousness, getting their take on this as it were. We starting by talking to Rosemary Lowe, a Reiki therapist and teacher here in Dublin. Rosemary described her awakening with Reiki as someone turning on the light. I like that. Also she noted that when we change then other people have to change a little too. It’s what I said above, we’re not trying to change the other or the outside, but when we change our own way of reacting to things, then others are manoeuvred into a different response too. I first discovered Reiki about eight years ago now, and if you want to know more about that story you can read it in My Personal Journey. Watch out for more interviews in the coming weeks and months.

We all know our thoughts create our reality. Right. But so much of our thinking is ill-informed and lazy. For example, to say someone is a ‘good’ person may be paying them a compliment but it is still a way of containing them, of labelling, of defining, of setting them down in a way that says I know this person. In Know Thyself we ask can we truly know anyone? I may say I know Jack, we’ve been friends for years. And on one level this is true. But I can never really know him, not everything about him. Indeed it would be an arrogance to assume I could. The only person I can ever hope to know is myself, and that takes a lifetime’s work. When we see people through labels and generalisations we see the doctor, the lawyer, the beggar, the gay person, the prostitute: we never see the real person. The source of this sloppy thinking is not examining our own beliefs and not being discerning enough about what we listen to. We all have certain core beliefs about things which we assume in a rather blasé way to be true. ‘That’s just the way things are’, we think. This habitual thinking can be very self deluding. When we say we know someone, be it our friends, or someone in the media, or even our life-long partner we are making that statement on the information we have about them. And we must remember that every decision we make about people is informed by preconceived notions that arise from our own personal history and coloured by our own individual attitudes, social grooming, and unexamined beliefs. So many of our beliefs, our assumptions remain unexamined, unchallenged. In this way we go through life in a kind of sleep walking state. This can leave us at the mercy of outside forces, consensual opinion, and the like. We give away our freedom to make informed decisions without even knowing it. I go into this topic in Birthing the New Consciousness in greater detail, outlining how we hide many of our beliefs from ourselves, as well as providing tools and exercises to help uncover them.

This delusion of knowing has another, more sinister negative. It creates the notion that certain people can fulfil our needs. This creates attachment. It also creates a strong form of dependency, for if I believe someone can give me what I need I may be more likely to compromise some of my values around them. Unless I am highly conscious of my behaviour that is. We can enter freely into any relationship when we do so in a conscious manner. But most interactions happen at a level of unawareness, based on the model of exchange. Hence we can become prey to the earwigs and maligners of this world, as discussed in What if your best friend is a vampire? When we try to act in a conscious manner we are less likely to draw these people into our lives. Or if they do show up they just won’t stay around. If someone is draining the life out of you ask yourself how did you create that relationship. The honest answer is that there was probably something in it for you. Don’t blame the vampire for biting you (that’s their job!) for like everything else in your life you created it. Nor am I saying you must get rid of him. Just be aware of what your relationships are, there is a certain amount of reciprocity in all our interactions. If you’re happy to put up with a bore because he is kind, or in some other capacity is a benefit to you at this present moment in time, then do so. And you’re not doing anything wrong. Just be aware of why you have that relationship, that’s all. All of our relationships in one way or another are determined by our attitudes, which in turn are set by our beliefs. Being conscious obviously means we interact with people in a different way. We do not judge people for the way they are, or because of past stuff they’ve done. We are able to separate the act from the person. It is impossible to speak ill of someone when one is conscious. When we are clear about our beliefs our relationships will be on a higher plain.

Finally in, The one big reason why we fail to achieve our dreams I look at one particular aspect which can stop us from achieving our dreams. It’s this: most of us know what we don’t want, but so many of us don’t really know what we do want in life. I suppose this comes back to the same problem, not examining our thoughts and beliefs enough. The article provides solutions.
New to the unscripted self

A lot of you have written in requesting more articles on spirituality. And I promise coming very shortly will be a rather long piece ‘what do we mean by spirituality?’, which I hope to break up into easy chunks. I hope you enjoy it and do get back to me with any feedback on that or any of the articles in the uss.
Distant healing

Recently Europe has been struck with a nasty case of E-coli which has caused the deaths of many people. This month I ask you to focus your thoughts on stopping the spread of this disease. I think of it as a kind of green slime with golden-white light washing into it, dispersing and diffusing the slime until it’s completely gone. Use your imagination in whatever way is right for you. Also please send some healing to those still suffering, or to anyone who has been affected by it, or has lost a loved one.

So, with that we've come to the end of the second Soundings. Stay tuned for more next month. And don't forget check into the unscripted self often to keep up with the newest articles and features.

Happy reading,

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