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Welcome back to Soundings, the newsletter of the-unscripted-self. Hope you are well.

There has been a lot of negative stuff in the news over the past month (is there any other kind?) I’m sure you’re familiar with the outrage in Norway. The news in Great Britain wasn’t terrific either. First there was the phone tapping scandal, and then the riots on the streets of London, Manchester and other places. Both were invasions of privacy. As a result a lot of people are now fearful in their homes. Many elderly people fear being mugged if they step outside their front door. And those who bring us the news (some would say invent it) don’t help, feeding into personal neuroses with stories that accentuate fear and violence. After all, it sells newspapers, they tell us. Politicians may unwittingly contribute to the levels of anxiety too by their talk of cutting back hard-won and much needed entitlements to the poor.

There are many ways, it seems to me, that the elderly get mugged these days.

Sometimes the world can seem a very unforgiving place. People are angry, but not for the reason they think. They’re angry because they’re disconnected from themselves at a very deep level. Anger is understandable, but it is never productive, because even when you do appear to get what you want by force, you find you are never satisfied. There is still a void. Anger can never fill the void, only love can.

Although I don’t watch tv myself much, because I find nearly everything on it bores me to tears, I’m not against it as such. However, if you spend a lot of time watching the news this can actually contribute to your level of paranoia. Reading about it in the paper or on line is bad enough, but it doesn’t get under the skin in quite the same way as when it’s played out in glorious Technicolor in your living room.

Some in the personal growth industry are quite vociferous in their opposition to the news, and advocate chucking the tv out altogether. This seems a tad extreme to me. I know a lot of the elderly and those living on their own take solace in television, it’s the only form of company they have, and sad as this may seem, it probably is not bad company either. It keeps the loneliness at bay and it brings them entertainment of a sort.

Now, when I do watch the news I either do so while sending love to all concerned, or I use the ho’oponopono method. The what Eoin? Yea, ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian system of healing which I first came across in Zero Limits, a book by Joe Vitale, which I really recommend everyone read. In the book Joe introduces us to Dr. Hew Len, a man who has literally witnessed miracles using this system.

Dr. Len tells us that everything we hear, see and encounter becomes a part of our knowing; it arises in our consciousness. This doesn’t mean you’re to blame for it, or that you caused it even, it just means now it’s there, and the ho’oponopono prayer will help cleanse it from your mind. It consists of four short lines,

“I love you,
I’m sorry,
Please forgive me,
Thank you”.

You think or say this silently to yourself when you encounter any distressful news. I find it very healing when I’m watching the news as it prevents me from getting attached, sucked into the emotion. Byron Katie once said

“a thought is harmless unless we believe it. It’s not our thoughts, but attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering”.

That really sums up how I feel right now. By cleaning the mind we’re not buying into the negative stuff. It’s there, but we’re not making it real. When I say the ho’oponopono prayer it feels like the fear’s been offered back to the light, where it’s transmuted into love.

Recent activity on the uss

The healing balm of ho’oponopono was certainly needed after the tragic events in Norway. Oslo was a piece that just had to be written. And, as I said in that post what struck me was the dignity with which the people bore their suffering. Sometimes it’s when we’re at our darkest hour that we find what’s best and noblest in ourselves. Oslo, and Ultoya were places, like the streets of Britain, this month, where Fury seemed to be let loose.

Whether it’s the fear of being attacked, or of having your benefits taken away, or just the loneliness of growing old, many are suffering in silence. You are not alone attempts to give them a voice. In this article I advance the argument that since we originate from the Source, which is all love, our very nature and essence therefore is love, and so we can never really be alone. But we can believe we’re are, and this can cause us great anguish. All that is but the tapes and pictures that our senses tell us is real and going on around us. It will never change until we do, until we cleanse it from our vision and reinstall our truth. We start to do this by accepting, that somehow, we are responsible for everything, even the horror. And then by realising that none of it is really real, and that we are not alone.

Last month I promised to bring you the concluding part of what do we mean by Spirituality? (a new perspective). But for some reason I’ve been resisting writing this piece, maybe it's because it’s one of those extended ‘pillar’ posts, and because it's just difficult! Although I have been busy with other work too. In the end I divided it up again, with part 2, which looks at avoidance trends in spirituality, going up on the web yesterday. The concluding part will appear next week. Hope you enjoy it.

New to the unscripted self

In the first issue of SOUNDINGS I mentioned setting up a kind of bulletin board, or Events Guide for spiritual/personal growth stuff happening locally. By local that means Dublin/Ireland for me, but if you’re running any event, regardless of where you live, I’d be happy to mention it. I’m not really interested in big mega stadium events, nor if your holding a cake sale! but if you’re starting a meditation group, or if you run a Louise Hay workshop, or a Course in Miracles study group, that kind of thing, or you know of some healing workshop happening then shoot me over the details at Now caveat time! I may not be able to include all requests. If I get deluged with events I obviously won’t. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.

I got a few requests already.

    Glosna House
  • 20th Aug - Relax and Have Fun! With Paths from Crossroads,
  • 21st Aug - Earth With Love with Lucy Dolan
  • 22nd Aug - Angel Meditation with Anita Manning 086-8125187
  • 23rd Aug - The Law Of Attraction in Action with Jenny Grainger
  • 24th Aug - Weekly Relaxation Class with Marie
  • 27th Aug - Crystal Singing Bowl Healing with Gunnar & Marie
  • 29th Aug - Letting Go Gathering with Marie Byrne
  • 31st Aug - Weekly Relaxation Class with Marie
  • SEPT

  • 3rd & 4th Sept - Overnight Meditation & Visualisation Retreat
  • Sept - Parental Support Groups with Teresa Clifford
  • 9th Sept - THE WISH with Antoinette Coleman-Kelly 087-161 0844
  • 10th Sept - Crystal Singing Bowl Healing with Gunnar & Marie

Details at

Korean Monk Cheongwol is coming to Dublin's Stillorgan Park Hotel in September. You can catch him on
Fri evening 16th: 7-10pm
Sat. 17th: 10am – 5pm
Sun. 18th : sept 10am – 5pm
Cost: Friday €50 / Saturday €80 / Sunday €80
Early bird €160 for all 3 events (offer ends on 31st August)
(€190 for all events when paying at the door)
Details at

Or if you prefer an evening with Max Leone, see

Distant healing

I would like to focus our attention this month on Oslo and Ultoya, sending healing to all those who lost loved ones, or who were injured themselves. And to people who still have fear in their minds when they go out into the open. Send images and thoughts of healing, togetherness and love to all concerned. Thank you.

Until next month, look after yourselves, and

Happy reading,

Soundings will appear once a month.

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