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Hi everybody,

apologies for being a bit quiet of late. Haven’t been taking a break but I am working on a revamp of the site. I mentioned this in the last edition and I honestly thought I would have all the changes made by now. But things move slower in the techie world that I would like, so it’s taking a little longer than I anticipated. However, not to worry, no major problems, all things work together in their own time. The changes will happen when they are meant to.

As do all things.

That said, I decided it was time for another post, so this weekend I’ve put up not one, but two new ones for your delectation!

of which more anon.

I genuinely think you’ll like the new look USS, and sorry again it’s taking longer than I originally thought. Don’t worry, it will still be the same website you know (and I hope love!) but will just be more manageable. I think websites need a facelift every year or so (like ourselves!)

The world is facing a crisis now. Europe is in a bit of a muddle, crisis with the euro, and of course in Greece. What direction will we take? What will M. Hollande do?

We could worry about all this, and think the you-know-what has hit the fan, but what will that achieve? In the end, when we stay in the centre, when we stay in presence, and trust in our Higher Selves, then my friends, all will be well.

So worry not.

Here in Ireland we’re having a referendum on May 31th on what some call the stability, and others the austerity treaty. Austerity or growth, they seem to be the buzz words at the moment. But really they’re different sides of the same coin. You definitely cannot cut your way back to growth, neither can you spend your way back to it. Maybe it’s time we looked for a third way. What we created up to now is all ego-mind stuff, and it’s all starting to fall apart. Interesting times ahead.

Reading Corner

Which takes me, timely, back to the Consciousness Series. As I said parts 5 and 6 went up this week. The first deals with subjective reality, and the second with the architecture of belief itself. There is really no ‘outside’, everything is taking place in your mind. But don’t mistake your mind for your brain, or your head, it’s much greater than the idea of self. At one level all you see around you is created by mind. Now the big problem for most people is grasping that and disconnecting from believing life is ‘happening to them’.

But once you’ve done that, the next trap you fall into is thinking ‘I’m creating all this’, and that’s too egotistical. Even if we tried we could not sustain that belief. It’s a boast not a belief.

Instead I subscribe more to the holographic theory, as outlined by David Bohm, Ken Wilber, and others, which suggests that the real you – imperishable, untouched – lies elsewhere, and that what you see and experience all around you is but a reflection of that greater reality.

Bit like what our friend Plato was saying all those years ago. Which reminds me, just how much we owe to the Greeks.

Distant Healing

Speaking of the euro crisis and Plato. I’d like to focus on Greece this time and send them a lot of positive healing and thoughts. They are being punished for the recklessness of some banks and others. And it’s the poor people there that are suffering. I keep remembering that old man who committed suicide there a while back, because he refused to live as a beggar. Whether you agree with him or not that takes a lot of courage.

So let’s send loving thoughts there and to all of Europe, that she will ride out this crisis and come back to prosperity.

Also to the people of Bologna (Italy) and that region which suffered an earthquake on Sunday morning.

That's all for now. Hope to get back to normality next time.

Happy reading,

Talk to you all next month.

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