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Well, October is really rocking! I’m having a great time again after quite a difficult year. Traditionally I would say October is not my time of year, days drawing in, evenings getting dark, the year dying and so on. But this time I’m really enjoying it. And of course the colours are terrific. I’ve always loved the colours of autumn, russet and yellow and reds. I suppose they recall in us memories of a simpler lifestyle, when farmers gathered up the harvest, the nutty smell of fresh grain in the barn as it was filled to the brim for winter. A sense of security and plenty. That’s more a collective memory than an actual one (although I did grow up on a farm) but I think you understand what I mean and can get a sense of it too. A few years ago I used to get SAD (seasonal adjusted disorder) this time of year. It can make you feel a little freaked out. And for a time I would get quite depressed.

Anyway, that’s all been cleared up now.

So now I’m looking forward to Samhain (commonly known as Halloween). I really don’t like the fake witchery stuff that accompanies it, however, behind all that it is a very ancient and revered Celtic festival. The real end of the year, in truth. So welcome 2012. An auspicious year, but one which I’m really looking forward to. Don’t believe the rubbish you read about it. Check out Mayan Calendar instead.

I think the reason I’m in such high spirits is because I’ve been doing a lot of breathing over the past month. Conscious connected breathing is brilliant at clearing out the gunk from the body and mind. You would be amazed at the stuff that piles up. We hold on to every hurt and negative piece of crap that’s happened to us since the day we were born. And the only place we can hold it - no brainer when you think about it – is in the body.

We really should have come into the world accompanied by a little portmanteau (or at least a plastic sac) so that all the negative stuff that comes our way could be dumped into it, and then, well put out with the trash. But that’s kind of far-fetched. The only receptacle we have is our body, and indeed we do store everything here, in our cells, our DNA, our bones.

No wonder we get sick.

Regrettably, the power of the breath is overlooked by half the world. And yet it has so much potential. I’d love to lock all the world leaders into a room and get them breathing. That might bring about real change. Seriously though, just by observing the breath for a few moments every day can bring about huge shifts in perspective.

It’s interesting how many forms of breathing there are, for example, Breath of Fire, which is short rapid breathing through the nose. Then there’s deep belly breathing, and alternative nostril breathing. And many more. But my favourite is connecting the breath. It’s so easy really. You breathe through the mouth with no pause between the in breath and the out. That simple! Go on try it now! I bet you’ll feel great. Maybe a little dizzy, but great.

Recent activity on the USS

It’s easy to become over familiar with what we’re used to having around, and slightly mistrustful of novelty. We can suddenly find ourselves being defensive when what we took for granted is taken away, or is no more. How easily do you adopt to the new, the unexpected, the unfamiliar? Do you like to be with people you know all the time, or do you find strangers intriguing? I explore the idea of tolerance of ambiguity in the latest offering from the uss.

One of the ways we defend our unwillingness to change is by inventing myths, or buying into ready-made ones. For example, how often have you heard someone say, ‘I can’t do such-and-such until outside circumstances are right’, or, ‘I’ll never be happy until I meet the man/woman of my dreams’. The myth serves to erect an invisible wall as well as to perpetuate the need to disambiguate uncertainty. Another post this month, Death and Taxes, poses the question does death actually exist? I suppose the two articles are kind of related, because maybe death is the biggest myth of all. And because we all believe in it we keep making it happen. I know the body wears out, and those who believe in such things talk of an ‘afterlife’, like they lost the one they had, so the Universe gives them another, a kind of backup, if you like.

But what if it were just a continuation?

Never was there such a denial of death as there is today, (e.g. people who’d do almost anything to hold on to youth and stave off the thing they dread the most – death). While, on the other hand, our culture is obsessed with death. Have you seen a film lately that wasn’t about death, like as in massive carnage with the entire planet being destroyed? What about books we read, art we look at. Just turn on the news for God’s sake.

You can read more about this subject in an older article, Fear, The Culture that Denies Death which is somewhat related.

Scientists now tell us that our cells are totally renewed every seven years. So effectively ever seven years we get a new body, we just don’t notice it because it looks exactly like the old one. So maybe by believing people die all we’re doing is continuing and strengthening this illusion.

And if that stretches you out of your comfort zone, well, that’s what the uss is for!

I’d love to hear your opinions and views on this topic, please.

New to the unscripted self

A new discovery I made this month is something called kundalini yoga. I’ve been doing it every day and it’s really amazing. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I never was big into physical exercise, but this, well it isn’t really exercise. And boy is it powerful.

I guarantee it will waken up every cell in your body. If you want to check it out for yourself you’ll find it at this website It’s free to download so why not give it a try. Remember to download the abridged version, as it is a bit of a workout, and the unabridged one is a little too long. I tried it one day and it nearly killed me (lol). My only quibble is I found the site a tad difficult to navigate. They seem to bury the free stuff so deep that you have some digging to do. So if this is your experience too, be patient, and persevere. It’s well worth it.

Upcoming events in Glosna House include, Creative Visualisation and Relaxation, Stott Pilates, Creative Space Arts and Crafts, Aura Soma Experience, for details, see

Reiki in Dublin

Abby Wynne is running a Reiki 1 course in November. Treat yourself to the wonderful healing sensation that is Reiki.

Time: Friday, November 11 at 7:00pm - November 12 at 10 - 5:00pm

Location: 14 Oxford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6. For more details and to book, contact:

Distant healing

Thailand is a place dear to my heart. The Thai people are so gentle (I have never heard one raise their voice), and it is such a beautiful city (among its many treasures is Wat Pho, the home of the reclining Buddha). As you may know at the moment Bangkok is suffering from serious flooding, factories have closed and the city is in a mini crisis. Please send loving thoughts that the floods will subside and that lives will be spared.

So, until next month, take good care of yourselves, remember to breathe, and

Happy reading,

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