The Mayan Calendar

The End Is NOT Nigh.

Changes are coming, but Fear Not, they do not spell disaster for the planet and its inhabitants. Instead the changes the Mayan prophecies envisage will bring a rejuvenation to the earth. These changes are transformational, not apocalyptic.

There has been a lot of nonsense written about 2012. Let’s put in into perspective. But first a little about the Mayan calendar from whence all this arose. Bear with the science for a brief moment, please, then we’ll get to something better.

The Calendar

The Mayan calendar evolved over thousands of years, and was originally part of the Toltec almanacs. It is more correct to speak of Mayan calendars, as they had several, serving different purposes. Instead of counting in decimals as we do, they counted in ‘double decimals,’ that is in 20s. They also used multiples of the same number, in what was a very complex and integrated system.

Firstly, they had a 260 day calendar known as the tzolk’in, or the Sacred Round. It comprising of 20 day glyphs, each with 13 variations (13 and 20 were sacred numbers to the Maya), and was used to measure time, as in seasons, crop cycles, and so forth. The Maya had a great reverence for the birth process, and viewed human existence as cyclical, alternating in birth and death, and in wider multiples, ages of the soul. This cyclical mind set extended to the stars and the galaxy. The Sacred Round measured time in terms of human gestation, that is cycles of nine months, like the way we count the passing of our four seasons off in 12 months.

In addition to the Sacred Round there was the 365 day solar calendar, or the haab, as well as the Venus calendar. However, the calendar we’re concerned with is the one which marked the passage of centuries, known as the Long Count. Just as the short cycle measured time in human gestation, the Long Count marked time by the birth and death of stars.

In the Maya Long Count one 360 day year, known as a Tun, consisted of 18 months (Uinals) made up of 20 days each. 20 tuns make up a Katun, and 20 Katuns a Bakun. The Bakun is what we want to get to.

(yes we do!!!)

13 Bakuns (that number again) adds up to a Great Cycle of 1,872,000 days, or 5,125 years. (calculated by our time that’s about 5,200 years, due to the fact that the Long Count is based on the 360 day year). 2012 sees the end of the 13th Bakun, and the end of the 5000 long count cycle.

The majority of scholars agree that the GMT correlation (our time) to this date has the last Great Cycle beginning on August 11, 3114 BC. On that day the Mayan calendar would read:

0 baktuns, 0 katuns, 0 tuns, 0 uinals, 0 k’ins.

On December 21, 2012 when the Great Cycle ends it will reset to

13 . 0 . 0 . 0 . 0 and a new cycle will begin.

There were five Great Cycles in all, adding up to a total of 26,000 tuns. We are now at the end of the fourth cycle (although some sources dispute this). Each cycle ends at 20 (remember the double decimal), and then time resets to zero again and a new great cycle begins.

Some think the Maya were predicting the end of the world. They weren’t, only the end of a cycle, and the beginning of a new one. Since 2012 sees the culmination of the 13th baktun (remember the number 13?) It is a very auspicious time. Four cycles now complete, each consisting of 26,000 years.

Galactic Movement

According to the galactic alignment theory of John Major Jenkins (Galactic Alignment), the sun will pass through our galaxy’s equator, and around the Pliadean star system on the winter solstice of 2012, changing from a southern orientation to a northern orientation, an event that happens every 26,000 years The exact spot at the centre of the milky way where the sun will pass through is known as the dark rift, which the Maya identified as ‘sacred tree’ or ‘cosmic womb,’ and called it Xibalba Be. At this time the milky way will resemble the mouth of a serpent biting its own tail, known as Ouroboros, (Greek, Suntelia Aion).

So the galactic theory would appear to correspond to the Mayan prophecy. Note the same time passage of the sun through the equator and the Maya five great cycles.

Jenkins does not talk in terms of 2012 as an end point, but rather as a 2012 era, setting it in a wider context. This process of alignment occurs over a 36 year period, between 1980 and 2016. Therefore, any change isn’t likely to happen suddenly, in one cataclysmic episode, as some doomdayers would like us to believe, but will be a gradually process (indeed it has already begun).

The Ouroboros draws inevitable parallels with Revelations, the child coming forth and dragon waiting to devour it. This is of course grist to the mill for the prophets of doom. We can, of course, read Revelation as a metaphor, the new dawn emerging (child), and the forces of negativity (dragon) trying to prevent it happening. But I think Revelation is given too much importance. It’s misinterpretation has left a mark on western thinking and seeded far too much fear consciousness, not to mention bad movies. It’s tiresome.

The New Dawn is coming!

Planet Mother Earth is now giving birth to a new form, a new paradigm, a new metaphor of itself. The new earth is in the birth canal, awaiting arrival. Only the blind could not see what is happening. Global unrest, collapse of the western monetary system, earthquakes, tsunamis, disintegration of the family unit, fragmentation of society, rapid increase in suicide, mindless killings, new diseases, floods and natural disasters. There is no doubt the fabric of the world as we know it is tearing apart. I emphasise as we know it, because this must happen in order for the new one to unfold, as the placenta which nurtured the child for so long must fall away in order for her to emerge.

This is a profoundly blessed period to be living in. Far from being a time of disaster it is a time of great hope. There will be a “quickening” of the earth’s vibrations, and consequently those who live with her. What that means is that the earth’s vibrations will begin to accelerate. It is important in preparation that we turn to the heart chakra, and allow ourselves be healed. There is a great need for healing at this moment. And, if there are some disasters, we can avert the worst of them if we purposively intend to awaken to our true selves, which are sons and daughters of the Light. Then our collective minds can prevent even greater calamities than are happening at present from coming about.

We must all look forward to this coming, as we would the arrival of an expected child. It is no accident that you emerged into the planet at this moment, it means you have a role to play, you should rejoice. 2012 will birth the new consciousness of love and higher understanding, where together, while still living in our bodies, we will go beyond them, and begin the journey in earnest back to spirit.

Do not get too hooked on specific dates, years, or cycles for that matter. For even in their wisdom these only hold the potential of the future. That still is an unknown. Know that the future is malleable, and whatever is “going to happen” can change, depending on our thoughts and collective intention. We bring about our world through ‘consensus creation’, that is we create the world collectively.

I believe the purpose of the Mayan calendar was not to chart a list of terrifying woes, but to point out unexpected shocks and pitfalls on the destiny trail, just as we would create a road map or hand guide. We call these ‘prophecies’ now by looking backwards, but when the Maya created them they were looking forward, they were giving a warning. And warnings always mean something can be averted. Otherwise, what’s the point of them?

Do not fear the future. Fear is a factor that many would have us buy into today, Hollywood blockbusters and that ilk. It is only the ego’s way of protecting itself. Fear is merely the opposite of love, and cannot hurt you of itself. Never, let any astrological, prophetic, or even scientific prediction shape your future. Only you can do that. Begin today. Purposively intend to awaken to your true self.

And, finally, let us take a moment now to express gratitude to the ancient Maya, for their wisdom and the gift that they imparted to us.


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