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Welcome back to Soundings, the newsletter of the-unscripted-self. I trust you’re all looking after yourselves.

Some time ago I wrote an article called Death and the Death Urge, where I talked about my uncle being seriously ill, and how I was feeling a little vulnerable. I discussed this again in Soundings 3 where I also talked about the death of my parents.

Well, since I wrote here last my uncle has indeed passed over. And even though it was expected, he was seriously ill, the end still came as a shock. People are strange about the way they choose their time of going. He, Peter, survived all the rigours and examinations in the hospital, and then when no one was watching, around ten o clock one night he quietly took it upon himself to leave. That is so typical of the man. I know there was something he was holding on to, and when he decided it was no longer important, he let it go.

It’s hard to explain what the death urge is really. It can feel like the energy of death is all around you, and sometimes you experience it as a weakening of your power. Don’t confuse it with suicidal tendencies, however. It’s not that. Was there ever a time in your life when nothing seemed to go right, when things kept breaking down? Communications? Meetings you set up not going as planned? Even physical machinery breaking down? Well, that can be the unconscious death urge. It’s more like a time of endings and change. And if we’re not careful it can overwhelm us.

And, of course, just around the corner from where the death urge is playing up will lurk your personal lie. If, at a time when you feel the death urge, check to see if your personal lie has been activated by it. And, remember it’s a time to be gentle with yourself. Remember too, with endings come new beginnings, so with the death urge there is birth energy too. Try to tap into that. Often that’s why everything has gummed up, to allow something new and wonderful to be born in your life. Endings can affect people to varying degrees; such as the ending of a relationship, selling a house, leaving a job you’ve had for years, even graduating from college. What we call death is really no different. It’s simultaneously an ending and a beginning.

We identify with the body so much that we feel we’re leaving it. We’re not actually leaving anything. It only seems that way to the onlooker, it doesn’t feel that way so much to the person who’s changing form. Does the butterfly mourn the passing of the caterpillar form? Let us stop being trapped by the idea of death.

I believe people on the ‘other side’ find it amusing the amount of energy we expend on funerals, the rituals of the dead. We inscribe ‘In Remembrance’ on a tombstone but the cemetery is more a place of forgetting. The physical form is the densest part of spirit, and when it wears out we drop it off as it is actually encumbering our soul’s journey at that time. We may then choose to create a new body, or we may not, depending on where we are on our journey.

Consider this as an experiment, think of someone you know, close to you, who’s no longer with us in physical form, and act for one whole day as if they were. Remember them in the old way in your thoughts and words and actions. It’s not a denial of their changed state, but neither is it a way of seeing them in a new and permanent state, confined to a field of bones.

They are not there. They are alive and dwell in a place of their own knowing.

Recent activity on the USS

In the concluding part of What do we mean by Spirituality? (a new perspective) we saw that the body and the spirit are not so much separate as aspects of each other. Spirituality is not about denying or disconnecting from a part of us as it is a realisation of the totality of the self. I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from this series of articles. Most of you had been asking for more stuff on spirituality and the reaction has been favourable. Sometimes we put ‘spirituality’ in a pigeonhole and go on to extrapolate set ideas about it. To me it’s nothing more mysterious than higher consciousness, or self realisation. In fact I think it’s the same thing. You also seem to favour the longer ‘pillar post’, so will probably do more of them. Even though it’s more work I actually get more satisfaction from these pieces.

In Resurrection I revisit 9/11. Every year on September 11th we remember the tragic and pointless loss of so many innocent lives, but this year it’s more poignant being the tenth anniversary. Resurrection is not a personal memoir of the day, I think I covered that more in 9/11, rather it’s a sideways look at how we cope with suffering and loss. It’s a look at the way we remember those who are no longer present in a form familiar to us. For just as we dissipate our energy and focus in cemeteries, we can sometimes remember in the wrong way. By that I mean we put our energy where it’s not helpful. Sometimes remembering can be a way of re-attaching to our suffering.

Did you realise if you did not believe in death at all you would never see it. It would not exist. We have a way to go yet.

That day ten years ago the unconscious death urge certainly got activated. It was so palpable even the most insensitive could feel it.

New to the unscripted self

September activities at Glosna House, click here for details

30-Days To Raise Your Vibration – Come Play

I don’t know if you use facebook at all, people have mixed feelings about it. It has its uses, there are many good personal development pages on FB. Recently I’ve come across a very interesting page called 30-Days To Raise Your Vibration – Come Play, set up by Sarita Premley. Basically what they do is every month they have a different activity going on that helps people raise their vibration. This month the focus is on doing what you love and what makes you feel good, raising your vibration through experiencing joy, feeling your source energy, letting go of seriousness.

As I said the last few months have been a bit of a downer. Now it’s easy to think that’s just how I’m feeling, or it’s because someone died, or the unconscious death urge, but the way you’re feeling is creating the experiences you will have (i.e. your life) and so it doesn’t matter how genuine your reason is, if you’re feeling crap you’ll create a crap life. By deliberately introducing joy and ease into our lives we change that energy by changing how we feel about things.

I really feel it’s time to get back to joy. I like that page. Do check it out if you’re on FB. And don’t forget to mosey over to the USS page and like us, or just say hello.

I commit to JOY for the next month. Enough of this old doom and gloom.

Distant healing

This month we remember those of 9/11. Also those who died in the two accidents at the recent vintage air displays in the US, and the Welsh miners in Britain. If you have any specific distant healing requests that you would like me to mention then drop me a line and I would be happy to include them.

Until next month, look after yourselves, and

Happy reading,

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