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Soundings, Issue #36
April 25, 2014

News from the Unscripted Self

Consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all existence

Amit Goswami

spring is here!

A Course in Miracles tells us that the ego teaches your strength is in you alone, but that the Holy Spirit teaches all strength is in God and therefore in you. And that God wills no one suffers.

The ego teaches that your strength is in you alone. The Holy Spirit teaches that all strength is in God and therefore in you. God wills no one suffer. (T-8.III.7.)

Therefore, how do we end suffering?

This is a question that has often perplexed me, and I admit to feeling sad, sometimes annoyed, when I see so much suffering in the world. Obviously God’s will is not being done here if even just one person is suffering, and we know thousands are.

We cannot end suffering by war, although we think we can and this is usually the first impulse.

Sending in the tanks and heavy artillery to “free” repressed people might seem like a good idea but all we’re doing is creating more suffering. You can’t force someone not to suffer. When we do that we’re simply adding to their suffering.

Remember exactly 100 years ago we started the “war to end all wars”, and while many brave people gave their lives selflessly to build what they hoped would be a better world, we only have to look around us and see that war and suffering are still going on.

By making war we did not end war.

So how do we do it? The solution is to start with ourselves. If I decide every day not to bring suffering to any other human being, or to add to the suffering they’re already in, then. I am bringing NO suffering to the world. That, surely is God’s will.

It then follows if everyone did the same all suffering would end. I know it may not seem like an instant solution but when you think of it unless we start here, with ourselves, there isn’t really going to be any change. Then it’s not a question of waiting for others to start. When we change ourselves everything changes.

What do you think?

sailing into a new beginning

This Month’s Reading

Proof of the Power and Benefits of Meditation continues the series on meditation with links to case histories that prove its effectiveness.

Follows with,

Meditation make you Thick my latest post just put up on Easter Sunday takes a look at a how the brain works, and includes a 30 minute compassionate meditation MP3 which I'd like you to check out.

Remember, by changing yourself you'll be changing the world!

You can download the free MP3 from the article.

Distant Healing

Continued thoughts for those on the missing Malaysian airline and their relatives. Also everyone involved with the Korean ferry which sank. Hopefully more will emerge alive.

Appropriate closing thought:

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

the immortal Rumi

Take care,

Talk to you soon.

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