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Soundings, Issue #24
April 25, 2013

News from the Unscripted Self

When you stare long enough into the void – the void starts staring back at you,

Democracy and transparency - the newly built Reichstag.

Berlin: city of wonders

Hi folks, just returned from a few fabulous days in Berlin. It is really an amazing city, so much diversity, so much energy, such a good feeling. I think, all the conditions being right, it would be a lovely place to live in. Among the museums I visited included the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, which recounts the lives, photos, stories, and mementoes of those who were separated by the wall (1961-1989) and who lost their lives trying to get over it and to a better life. I also visited the Pergamon. For anyone with even a passing interest in ancient history this is a must. There you find the massive Pergamon altar, dating from the second century BCE, along with a Market Gate to the city of Miletus, from the Roman period. Also the Procession Avenue to the Ishtar Gate (Babylon 604-562BCE) built by King Nebuchadnezzar 11. Absolutely amazing. All meticulously restored (in the museum!)

The Berlin Sculpture below (notice pieces not quite touching).

Then next door, in the Neues Museum you can drool over the bust of Queen Nefertiti. She was the wife of Akhenaton, a pharaoh that always intrigued me. If you recall he was the guy who moved the Egyptian court to Thebes and tried to introduce monotheism, the worship of the Sun God. He too had some kind of awakening and wanted to share his vision with the world. It was to end of course in failure, as in so many other times and places: however the awakening cannot be stopped - as you lovely people are proof of every day!

Here I lined up the Television Tower behind the Marien Kirche (13th century) in this shot. Like it?

I also found the Holocaust Memorial very moving. I think you have to experience going through it to get a better understanding of what it’s meant to convey. Also enjoyed the little bit of what’s left of the Wall. I’ve always loved Germany and visited there a number of times, but for some reason never made it to Berlin before. Just not on my destiny chart until now. So it was really special when I made it this time. Definitely will be back – soon!

A friend of mine told me I had to go to Claerchens Ballhaus but I think I forgot to bring my tutu! : - )

Next time perhaps!

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Trust and Doubt
Neurons of Life
my latest offering.

Heal all problems with The Quiet Mind

When we quiet the analytical mind during meditation we open a channel to a Higher Wisdom that knows only Love and Compassion. If you have a specific problem bring it to this place. Here turn it over in your mind, look at it from every angle and every perspective. Then clearly ask your Higher Self to give you the information you need to solve this problem. Make sure to state your request in very specific terms. Be as clear as possible. Now picture giving this problem to the great Light of God. The answer may not come for a day or so, and may come in some wholly unexpected guise (perhaps part of a conversation you overhear!) but rest assured it will come.

Words of Wisdom

"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration which holds the atom together. We must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter." ~ Max Planck (my italics).

Sorry for indulging so much this time in my travels but I wanted to share with you. If any of you has been to Berlin I’d be interested in hearing your adventures of that famous city.

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May the Great Sun shine in you always.

Happy reading,

Talk to you soon.

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