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Soundings, Issue #019
November 20, 2012

News from the Unscripted Self

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once"- Albert Einstein

Welcome back

I’ve been discussing spontaneous kundalini awakenings on the website because so many people have been experiencing them of late. A spontaneous kundalini awakening is where the kundalini energy just unleashes by itself, without the person doing anything to activate it, and, as you can imagine leaving them feeling very frightened. The symptoms that often ensue range from nausea to full on convulsions, and are generally known as kundalini syndrome. I receive a lot of letters from people telling me about their experiences and basically seeking help. That’s what spurned me to write those latest posts. I want people to understand that kundalini, while not dangerous, is not something to mess around with.

Traditionally such an event was called an unprepared awakening, and it indicated that the person wasn’t spiritually ready and perhaps wasn’t living a ‘good’ life. It presaged serious life changes. Now I feel this is a little simplistic. Neither is it strictly logical, because if someone wasn’t trying to have a kundalini awakening, and it happened, how can they be deemed unprepared? For what? It happened to them, they didn’t ask for it. It’s also more than a little judgmental.

Everything that happens to us was meant to happen, for some reason. Therefore, I would respect that and the person to whom it happened. The people who write to me all seem very sincere and genuine seekers. I certainly feel they are as spiritual as I am, or anyone for that matter.

There have been so many rapid changes in the last few decades, not just at the physical level, but at the creative level as well, from whence the physical springs. There was the harmonic convergence, now we’re in the last throes of 2012. Without doubt there is a quickening of the earth’s vibrations and this affects many sensitive people in particular. Children are coming into the world smarter too. Have you noticed? It’s believed lot of souls are returning from ancient Atlantis and Lemuria.

We are definitely living in strange times folks.

My own kundalini experience:

While I’ve had made incidences of altered states of consciousness during meditation and breathing I’ve only had one full-on kundalini awakening, and it happened only recently, well a few months back. I was lying on top of the bed not even meditating or doing anything when suddenly I got a very weird feeling in my body, it started in my groin but quickly shot up through my entire body. It seemed to push me backwards and upwards at the same time. I couldn’t move although I wanted to. It was a bit scary not being in control of my body. I actually thought I was going to die but, strangely, I didn’t seem to mind, in fact I kinda welcomed it. I felt dizzy for a while afterwards but no nasty side effects, thankfully. It’s strange because I had a similar reaction the first time I tried rebirthing. The sensations were totally different but I had that same feeling that I was about to die and felt totally okay with it.

Death is nothing to be scared of.

I did mention last month I was in the process of doing an ebook on kundalini. I think I’ve gone off the subject a little and instead turned my notes on the book into those two posts.

What a resourceful chap I can be!

Reading Corner

You can peruse What exactly is kundalini? if you haven’t already, while living in the fullest confidence that part 2 will follow with Usain Bolt like speed next week.

Also check out Internal Dialogue, a little piece about talking to yourself!

You don’t, surely?


I’d written about kundalini before in Kundalini Awakening a few years back which presented a general and overview of the topic. If you want you can do a comparison between the two. Or not?

Distant Healing

Top priority:

send prayers, healing and peace to the peoples of Israel /Palestine, and the dangerous situation that is brewing there at the moment. So many innocent people are getting caught up in this, on both sides. A great number of ordinary people there want to live in peace and brotherhood with their neighbour and don’t care about nationality or religion. This is urgent. There are those at the top, seemingly powerful but living in darkness, who just don’t care about the innocent, particularly the children. So it’s up to us!


Check out the latest offerings from Mairead at Spirit one seminars

and Jane here

Dont forget if you have any cool things you want me to air give me a shout.

That’s all for now folks.

A final word on this month’s topic. If you’ve had a kundalini experience or are worried about it do get in touch with me. I can’t promise I’ll be able to help, but I’ll try. And I’ll listen.

Happy reading,

Talk to you all next month.

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