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Soundings, Issue #38
June 25, 2014

News from the Unscripted Self

To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders – Lao Tzu

summer is here

First of all wow! I’m overwhelmed by how many of you have bought my new ebook, What to do if you’ve had a (Spontaneous) Kundalini Awakening, and the really good things you’ve been saying about it. Thank you all so much. I love you guys and I really do appreciate it. Like I said last time the book was born out of requests from people needing help so I hope it’s fulfilling that role.

Metaphor and Kundalini?

Some of you have queried what I meant by kundalini as a metaphor. Does this mean what happened to me wasn’t really real?

No, of course the experience was real – and very important in your own personal growth – but what I was proposing was that the whole idea of “kundalini” (like all other ideas) can trip us up. Depending to the degree that we invest belief in the idea.

Metaphors are excellent teaching tools, but the mistake, I argue, is that people take them literally, e.g. they mistake the metaphor for the thing it stands for:

I give this example of kundalini as metaphor:

Once upon a time a child wandered off and got lost from its father. Afraid, it lay down in the dark woods and fell asleep. Now amongst the many dangerous creatures that resided there was a good wolf who saw the child and had pity on it. This wolf stirred the child to wakefulness and said jump up on my back and I will take you home. The child did and the wolf journeyed up the mountain where it met a great eagle. The eagle then took the child and, soaring up above the clouds, delivered it back safely to its home in heaven. (P. 61)

Now there isn’t an actual wolf or mountain, or an eagle for that matter. But when we introduce a literal meaning we invest the metaphor with something which it was never meant to have, and put the weight of spurious meaning on this. It’s only a short step to establishing a Temple to the Wolf, or a Church of the Holy Mountain, and so on. The tool which was meant to illuminate an important point itself becomes the centre of focus and obfuscates the very thing it was meant to illuminate.

The human brain is so good at doing this (for some bizarre reason!) that it never ceases to amaze, if slightly exasperates me! In the case of kundalini this is a way of speaking about, of expressing, a particular (or series of) profound change(s) which a person went through that may have led to an awakening. Follow that through to the individual lessons it has for you rather than get caught up in (and overwhelmed by) the physical kundalini act itself.

Yeah, maybe harder to do than advise. So easy to get caught in the human condition, the unbearable lightness . . . and all that.

Time for a break.

This Month’s Reading

Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening

here’s the link again.

Also this month 10 Ways to stop Procrastination . . . for good!

It kinda makes me sad when I hear people say they are ‘life-long procrastinators’ as if they were born with the trait. All habits (good and bad) are learned but the bummer is every time we tell ourselves that we’re lazy or a procrastinator we are simply reinforcing that idea we carry around of ourselves. I hope the ’10 ways’ finally nails how false it is.

Distant Healing

Send positive and happy thoughts for an end to the current madness in Iraq, Syria and that whole area.


I’ll leave you with this Sufi proverb which I think is quite profound:

I searched for God and found only myself,
I searched for myself and found only God.


Some of you have asked me about Prague where I mentioned I was off to last time so I promise to talk a little about that in the next issue of Soundings. An amazing city!

Take care,

Talk to you soon.

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