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Soundings, Issue #018
October 18, 2012

News from the Unscripted Self

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Prov. 18:21

Welcome back

Our words carry intent. Words are very powerful.

Do you use affirmations? Many people swear by them (an affirmation in itself, when it’s not an imprecation!) While I certainly don’t rely on affirmations, they’re not the main tool in my toolbox, I have used them at certain critical periods in my life (like when I really needed to change a particular situation). My advice is if you’re going to use affirmations write them out, as opposed to just saying them. Putting a thing down on paper concentrates the mind. Simply reading them off can seem a little extemporaneous.

Many forget that prayer is an affirmation.

Thy kingdom come . . . Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven..

It is like a command almost. Not a command to God, but a command with God. We are joining with the Uni-verse (one-voice) to bring about the will of God.

Let there be peace

Let all wars and conflict come to an end

Let this (undesirable situation) in my life now pass.

Maybe we’ve been taught to pray in the wrong way and this can be a hard habit to change. We treat prayer as a petition, almost a declaration of how our lives are not working and what we want changed. But prayer should be an affirmation and a statement of intent, as well as an outpouring of gratitude. The best way to manifest anything is to be grateful for it before you have it. That way you are trusting, and confident it will come about.

Affirmations are big in the new age industry. They were pioneered in the seventies by Louise L. Hay. She has almost become the affirmation lady, hasn’t she? Although there is a lot more to Louise than affirmations. One of the earliest proponents of the affirmation is The Game of Life and How to Play It, by Florence Scovel Shinn. This marvellous little book is full of so much wisdom. Florence is someone I’d loved to have known and talked to. I highly recommend you read (and re-read) it. It’s available now on Amazon (creative commons) for free or a few cents.

Affirmations go back to the French physicist Emile Coue. He is famous for ‘every day in every way I’m getting better and better’, an affirmation many claimed changed their lives. And if it has then good.

But I feel merely saying affirmations without doing some work on ourselves is a bit of a cop-out. A good friend of mine, when we were discussing this one day said that affirmations without doing clearing work was like pouring sugar over shit. I laughed, but she made a valid point.

For example, with ‘every day in every way . . .’ if you haven’t bothered to think very deeply about your life then you need to ask yourself what is it you’re getting better and better at?

Hiding stuff?

Creating more negative thoughts?

Attracting destructive situations and relationships into your life?

Because when you think about it, if that’s what you’re doing now, and you make the above declaration daily, then you’ll become more proficient at precisely those things.

How we speak to ourselves as well as to others in of huge import. In this way our words are not just powerful they are very precious.

All words, it could be said, are a kind of affirmation. Therefore I think it’s better to practice being mindful of what we say rather than trying to will something into existence with our words.

Would like to wish a very special Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it. Also happy New Year! Yes, it is Samain which is the Celtic (and many say real) new year.

So make an affirmation to have peace in your heart and spread that to as many people as you can.

Reading Corner

Did you know that there is nothing at all amiss in your life, but our thoughts about things, on so many levels, can annoy us and get between us and our happiness? This happens to me too by the way! Yesterday I got pissed off with the internet because it was going so slow, but then I got more annoyed for having got annoyed. Crazy, huh?

When this happens we can perceive our thoughts as some kind of internal foe attacking us from within. Which takes us neatly to my latest blog post 10 ways to terminate terrorist thoughts.

Read it or you’ll be terminated!

Speaking about affirmations some passages from A Course in Miracles are a form of affirmation-command-prayer, for example,

In my defencelessness my safety lies

You can read about my actual (physical) experience of the seas calming when I used these words here.


I did my own kinda take on the Lord’s Prayer in Prayer, which, depending on your mindset you'll either find inspiring or blasphemous! I’m not bothered in any case as I know it came from a good place (ha! ha!)

I’ve also written about affirmations in inspiring words.

Distant Healing

Please keep sending positive thoughts to the Syrian people and the whole Middle East conflict.


Devotional prayer and chanting:

If you’re in Dublin this coming Friday (19th) do get along to the Living Room (a venue dedicated to meditation and silence) to hear the very wonderful Venus CuMara. It starts at 7.15 and promises to be a very enlightening experience. I highly recommend it. The living Room in case you’re not familiar is on the corner of Clarendon Street and Coppinger Street, tucked away in Temple Bar and not far from Grafton Street.

You can also read my review of This Love Filled Sound Venus’s first cd here.

Calling all kundalini experts!

I’m writing a new ebook at the moment on kundalini. So if you have had any experience of that, or if you have enough knowledge of it that you think would contribute to the subject then please get in touch. All substantive contributors will receive a free copy of the book.

That’s all for now folks.

Remember Halloween is round the corner. Watch out for the witches!

Happy reading,

Talk to you all next month.

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