Crack Your Cocoon

the poetry of Venus CuMara

I took some time out recently to visit the Mind Body Spirit show, a biannual event here in Dublin. There were loads of things going on, some great workshops, lots of healing. I met some amazing people there, and I want to talk to you today about one of those people, Venus CuMara. Venus is a gifted poet, whose clear words reveal a curious and intelligent mind, one that expresses an intimacy with God that is both easy and natural. Her poems reveal the playfulness of a child combined with the wisdom of one who has lived a very long time. Motifs of hiding, aching, searching, light emerging from darkness, permeate her verse. Rumi comes to mind.

In the still of the night
From within the darkness comes a light
That falls like gentle golden rain
Upon these eyelids
Turning me into liquid.

God’s Precious Puddle

Venus urges you to crack you cocoon. We were meant to live from the heart and to spread our love every day. That is all there is, and everything else is just covering it up. The message is similar to what we’ve been saying all along on the USS, that it’s the programs and scripts which are not really us that we allow get in the way of our true innate joy, and once we remove them, once we break through we will find it.

Although Venus has been working for a few years in the healing arts, it is only quite recently that she discovered her gift for verse, which makes the maturity of her talent all the more amazing. She affirms with a beautiful confident modesty that all her poems were given to her by Kali and she really only transcribes them. Undoubtedly she channels the gift with a purity that is at times breathtaking. More than just the feminine aspect of God, Kali really is that which burns away all our precious fantasies and illusions about ourselves, and leaves us naked before the truth of who we really are.

Hiding one’s light, or ‘shine’, as Venus prefers to call it, is a recurrent theme in her poetry. So many people in the world today are hiding their shine when what they really should be doing is lighting up the world. This is what we were born to do. The tragedy is that the world never needed those people to shine more than it does at this moment.

Hiding in a cave in the back of my heart
Is the place where I’m shining the most.
But I feel it safer to make it look dark
So I live out in the world with a fake man-made glow,
Just to make sure that no one could ever know.

Hiding The Shine

People hide their shine because they are afraid, they think they may be laughed at, or if they open up they will get hurt. Experience teaches that, but at what cost? If the price is that it quenches your light then it’s not worth that. The world can be very judgmental I know, but if you see its judgment with compassion you will not harm yourself or it while it is judging you. So go on – allow yourself to dazzle!

We can be scared to live from the sacred place, which is our place of power. “To accept your littleness is arrogant, because it means that you believe your evaluation of yourself is truer than God’s”, ACIM (text) tells us. Often we look around and we see what others are doing and we think, well, that must be alright so I’ll do that too. And sometimes it is, but a lot of times it’s not and we compromise ourselves in the process.

One of my favourites on the album (Venus has a CD out with these poems) is My Love Sustains You. This is written from the perspective of life, God, All That Is, or whatever you want to call it. It’s quite existential really. In the end it matters not what we do, this love still protects us and keeps us safe. How beautiful though to be awake and engaging with it. Venus wants people to wake up (as I do) but of course God does not ‘need’ this. That’s why we have free will.

My love it sustains you
All through the day,
But it’s up to you, you have free will
To do what you may.

. . . . . . . .

No thing has ever happened,
No thing ever will.
So sit with me in your centre,
In that place which is always still.

This theme and unique perspective is picked up in Life, a poem that Venus told me was given to her as a birthday present from God. My reply to that, what a gift! And what a blessing. Instead of the usual angle that God is everything and we are in God, here God says I’m actually nothing, and you’re putting all this stuff onto me.

I have no feelings of my own
And this to me is peace.
Emptiness fills me
And this to me is peace.

But be careful before you decide that this nothing is something, or that it’s even “no thing”, because at the end we are told that this Life has no opposite, that it will never end,

I experience myself through you
Without judgment, without strife,
And no matter how you live me
I will always be your life.

There is a lovely play in these poems between free will, which is so precious, and our calling home to God, which is inevitable, (again that recalls ACIM). Sure we can be unconscious all the time if we want to, but we have to ask ourselves, how much suffering is enough? How many times do we have to do that till we get the message? Our awakening is inevitable. It can happen the easy way, by our choice and participation, or the hard way. In the present climate the world seems to be choosing the latter.

We’re reaching that point in our species
Where we must reach out past our own pain.
The Second Coming Of Christ,

says it all.

One of the most exquisitely channelled poems here is Kali’s Butterfly. It takes the form of a conversation between a caterpillar and Mother Kali. The lowly caterpillar wants to stay curled up in it’s shell, afraid of change, but Kali with gentleness and compassion reminds the caterpillar (and us), that it cannot escape its destiny which is to display the glory of God. When we hold on to our limiting beliefs we will always find excuses not to do what is needed, our minds will search for the fear and we will find it, and even when we’re told that deep down we’re a magnificent being we won’t believe it!

Kali tells us

And every time you’re in a cocoon
Remember the joy of breaking through.

Our fear and resistance only adds to our personal suffering, and does not aid our coming through one jot.

Venus is also a singer (another talent she only discovered recently). She performs ancient mantras and chants in the Sanskrit language, as well as songs in Irish which she wrote herself (including a song she has written for Amma). How can I describe her voice – haunting, ethereal, Gaelic.

I asked Venus what her message to the world was,

‘not to hide your light’, she said, ‘to know it’s safe to shine.’

I think that’s a message that everyone should hear.

If you’re in Dublin this weekend Venus is appearing in Oscailt on Saturday the 30th. Do yourself a favour and boogie on down there. If not, don’t worry, Venus travels a lot and I’m sure she will appear someplace near you soon. You may not have heard of Venus CuMara yet but I’m going to stick my neck out here and predict that all that is about to change very shortly. I truly believe you are going to hear a lot more of this lady in the near future.

Venus's CD is called This Love Filled Sound and contains over 20 of her poems, as well as a few dirges. Sadly, the album doesn’t really showcase her fine singing talent, but she promised me this will be corrected on her next one.

It would make a great Christmas present for someone you love (and that can be you!). Venus is a rare and unique talent, a gift to the world in these changing and seemingly fearful times.

Go on, crack your cocoon.

You can check her out at

For those of you in Dublin Venus’s cd is on sale in Dervish, Aungier street (beside Govindas).


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