There is no "law of attraction"

There is no law of attraction! A lot of people are confused and frustrated about this topic. They feel they’ve been conned. Films such as the Secret and a plethora of new age books trumpeted this new phenomenon, making it sound like the panacea for all our woes. Most people’s experience of the law of attraction is, at best, hit and miss. Many find it doesn’t work for them at all. Then they get upset, ‘what wrong with me,’ they say. They start throwing televisions out of windows.

They discover the law of gravity works: every time.

There is also an energy abroad that is turning the law of attraction into some new religion. That can be dangerous. Hundreds of websites out there tell you that you just have to think something and it will magically appear. A huge industry has grown up around it. Many unscrupulous people are lol over the loa!

That’s because we’ve been sold the law of attraction as an exact science, like the second law of thermodynamics, which it’s not. I dislike the term law of attraction, it sounds arbitrary and demanding. I prefer ‘tendency to attract’, or just attraction. Attraction is much more subtle than hard science. It is more fluent, it ebbs and flows, and it always carries with it a corresponding tendency to repulse.

Your thoughts do create your reality, but not all of them!

Do not be frightened by your thoughts, thoughts are only thoughts and they are actually nothing. There is almost a neurosis abroad today about our thoughts.

It’s what you think about consistently, and with passion that will appear in your life.

I’ve said this before but it merits repeating. Recently while waiting to board a flight on a trip to Wales with some friends, one of them remarked, ‘I wonder if this plane crashes and we’re all killed who will get our house’. I just thought, thank God the law of attraction doesn’t work!

Attraction isn’t magic, as is sometimes insinuated, it is simply how your mind works. For example, if you want a new laptop, your old one’s gone a bit wonky, you naturally start thinking about the kind of one you’d like. You start thinking. Next you see them on billboards, every time you open a magazine what pops out, yes, laptops. This is because you’ve made it important and you have a focus on it. Guess what you’re going to have in your possession very shortly?

Got it!

Even if it’s something you can’t really afford, if you want it enough you will use the money you had put aside for something else. Then it will ‘manifest’ in your life. When you have your thoughts on something a lot you will pull it into your reality. Ad men understand the law of attraction better than new agers. They are experts at it and they can set things up so that you’re drawn to what they want you to buy. Supermarkets and malls are designed specifically to make you part with your money, right down to the colour goods are packaged in.

But it is not sexy to tell people this. Instead the law of attraction is presented as something esoteric, exclusive, arcane. So people end up nonplussed. After all, all they wanted was to win lotto. Why didn’t that happen? Their frustration turns inward

I must be doing it wrong.

It always comes down to ‘I must be doing something wrong’. This is like the default position we go to when something is not working the way it’s supposed to. We blame ourselves, and we feel stupid, and then we feel shame. Whenever something goes wrong we immediately blame ourselves. We take it out on others but we blame ourselves.

Recently my mobile (that's cell phone in this part of the world!) has been playing up. My first reaction was why can’t it do what it's always done? I don’t need to be inconvenienced at this time, I haven’t got the time, I’m in the middle of putting the finishing touches to my first ebook and I’m up to my proverbial eyeballs. But that’s the part of our mind that feeds on victim consciousness. Instead I realise I created this inconvenience for a reason and I will just play it out and see what happens. I also created a very severe tummy bug during the week. I think I’m trying to hold myself back.

The reason you didn’t win lotto by the way is because you didn’t expect to. If something is not in your field of expectation you are very unlikely to ‘manifest’ it. And you can only manifest what you allow. This is what nobody else will tell you about the law of attraction. I’m telling it to you here for free!! They tell you to visualise, and feel, and do affirmations, and put yourself in the picture, and make it in Technicolor, and add all the bells and whistles. But if you don’t allow it in you will not manifest it.

attraction flows like a river . . . nothing is permanent

In the quantum world everything is potential. Take the future, it can change anytime depending on our decision, and that depends on our persistent thoughts. So change the thought about anything and you change the outcome. Not the 90.000 thoughts you have every day, but the thought which is limiting you in some area. When you do good will flow to you and you will start attracting different things into your life.

You just can’t guarantee it will be a pink Mustang.

The Universe is not some giant garish supermarket where you pick what trinket you want and pay with law of attraction tokens on the way out. I want to see attraction being taught in a new way, in a way that will help people, not offer them empty promises.

What you put out will always come back, but maybe not the way you think. Recently I gave a sum of money to someone on the street. The very next day I found that exact same amount of money! That was uncanny. But it doesn’t always work this way. Your good can come back to you in other ways. Just know it will come back. Don’t see the law of attraction as a convenience. Much of what is written about it is well intended but wholly misunderstood. Know that your reality is unfolding before you and that it is perfect. You have a brilliant mind and you are constantly creating your reality with the Origin. Work with your higher power and only your good will show.

And remember, learning about the law of attraction is no substitute for awakening.

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There is a voice that doesn’t use words - listen!


Reality is merely an illusion - albeit a persistent one.

Albert Einstein