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Soundings, Issue #016
August 20, 2012

News from the Unscripted Self

“The mark of an intelligent mind is one that can entertain a thought without accepting it” ~ Aristotle.

Welcome back

If like me you’ve spent the past two weeks almost surgically attached to the tv because of something called the Olympics Games, then you will have marvelled at all the great athletic achievements, records broken, personal times improved and people pushing themselves to the limits of endurance. There’s something very clean, very enduring about people who really challenge themselves and push themselves as far as is humanly possible. Sport is a very physical activity but it can also be a learning tool that teaches us the body is not all, and that we are not bound by its seeming constraints. It can take us beyond that and into something almost spiritual. I’m not talking about ‘extreme sports’, or torturing the body, but of testing human endurance – and maybe going beyond.

People like Mo Farah, Usain Bolt, Jessica Ennis, Katie Taylor, Sally Pearson, Ben Ainsley, Heather Stanning and Helen Glover, and the great Michael Phelps, to name but a small few, have all amply demonstrated the above.

And it’s not about what’s hung around your neck. In some way that demeans it, and unfortunately life follows that model – that “winners” only matter and coming second doesn’t count. That’s a bad example we are teaching our young, and it’s why I have mixed feelings about the Olympics. However, I prefer to look for the positive, the benefits, the beauty in anything, and I think London 2012 was an excellent display of all three.

Looking forward now to the Para-Olympics. Here people faced with challenges that would stop many of us from doing normal day to day activities demonstrate fierce courage and endurance. That’s real heroism.

Reading Corner

Latest post this month is accepting what is. If we can have acceptance and even gratitude for what is now, even if it’s not what we expected, or particularly what we wanted, then we have come a long way towards true peace of mind.

Continuing the retrospective theme I started last month, coinciding with the new look uss, I’d like you to check out relationship issues again. I’ve revamped it somewhat. I really feel healing relationships is one of the most crucial endeavours we need to do. In my book if we want to raise our consciousness and progress to a higher soul level then we need to sort out our relationships with family, partners, ex-partners, and so on. Parents are especially important. We all have issues with our parents, I know I had and I’m sure you as well, and it’s important to heal these through the power of forgiveness. If you have an outstanding issue with someone you can write them a forgiveness letter. You don’t even have to send it. Just writing it is an act of healing and redemption in itself.

Distant Healing

Gillian McNamara's dad George has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer and is starting treatment next week. Please send him your prayers and healing. Thanks.


Need to learn Reiki? Well, here’s your chance. Gillian McNamara will be doing a Reiki 2 workshop on 22nd and 23rd of September, and a Reiki 1 workshop on 29th and 30th. Details

Lynne Mc Taggart is coming to Dublin next month. She is the lady who wrote the well known book, The Intention Experiment, which broke new ground in distant healing and remote sensing. I particularly liked her first one The Field That is a gig I hope to be able to attend myself. Full details here.

Pamela Miles will give two workshops towards the end of September, on ‘Spiritual self-protection’, and ‘Practicing Reiki in Health Care’. Early booking is advisable as there is a lot of interest in her work. For details follow the yellow brick road!

By the way thanks for the positive feedback on the new look uss.

Comments range from ‘cool’, ‘absolutely fabulous’, ‘love the large print’, to ‘what happened to the hot air balloon?’

Must have floated off into cyber space!!

Keep them coming in. I think they should give me a medal!

Happy reading,

Talk to you all next month.

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